Well, it’s a made-up euphemism in Portuguese, something like “the shinola has hit the fan”. It had to do with this blog’s original purpose, which was to ramble (anonymously) about my pet peeves. But in this era of haters and social lynching, I’ve realized how pointless and redundant that was. Who wants to read other people’s bitching, right? So now the blog’s name is just nonsense (like some of its content).


1) Eu odeio gente que confunde os verbos “recusar” e “negar” (ou seja, 90% dos jornalistas e roteiristas semianalfabetos que trabalham na TV atualmente).
2) Eu odeio quem confunde os verbos “perguntar” e “pedir”, mas menos do que o ódio 1, porque é até bonitinho.
3) Eu odeio a Ana Vilela, gorda do caralho, por dar visibilidade e empoderar (aliás, odeio “empoderar” também) o anglicismo “é sobre” como tradução porca, filha da preguiça mental, da expressão “it’s about”.
4) Eu odeio PIBs (PseudoIntelectuais Babacas, aprés Luís Ibiúna) que se metem a dar palestras e são incapazes de concluir frases ou concatenar ideias com qualquer semblante de estrutura e lógica (odeio especialmente porque estou tendo que traduzir uma tonelada dessas).
5) Eu odeio o acéfalo de marketing (pleonasmo?) que inventou que “panettone” vem de “Pane di Toni” e escreveu isso na caixa do dito cujo, fazendo essa idiotice chegar até a Itália e ser engolida por alguns cretinos (eles existem lá também).
6) Eu odeio o Mário Sérgio Cortella, anta residente de TV, que popularizou a “explicação” de expressões saborosas e perfeitamente legítimas como “cor de burro quando foge” e “cuspido e escarrado”, inventando (ou espalhando) que vieram de “corro de burro quando foge” e “esculpido em Carrara”, entre outros non-sequiturs semelhantes, de corar as orelhas de vergonha alheia. E odeio por tabela o Jean Wyllys que dia desses citou essa papagaiada como exemplo de saber “acadêmico”.
7) Eu odeio a palavra “mídia”, aportuguesamento bastardo da pronúncia inglesa de uma palavra em latim que é PLURAL, e que foi incorporada ao idioma como SINGULAR e FEMININA!!! (medium –> media –> mídia) AAAAAAHHH!
(Tem mais…)

I’ve had this “heart fluttering” for many years occasionally, and one time, in the middle of a spell of my old ticker skipping heartbeats worse than a broken record, I’ve searched the Internet and found an article with the above title on the allexperts.com site. It was followed by hundreds of comments, written over almost a decade, from people who suffered this same “condition” and shared their worries and comforting words with each other. I’ve also chipped in with my two cents on the subject  from time to time, especially after I’ve read from others how sharing like that helped them cope.

Now I’ve just found out that the allexperts.com site is extinct and, with my heart fluttering yet again, I feel orphaned. So I’ve searched the Internet Archive at archive.org for a saved copy of that page and I reproduce it here, in the hope that it will be found and keep helping whoever feels uncomfortable and afraid out there because of something similar. I hope no one, especially not Dr. David Richardson, will mind having their contributions copied here. I’m just doing it in order to keep all this from disappearing, in case someone needs it.

If you found your way here through an Internet search, please read on, and if this helps you, feel free to share your thoughts or simply say hi in the comments section. Just click on the little word balloon on the top right corner of this post. Your words will surely be greatly appreciated by whoever reads this next.

Here’s what the original post and comments said as of June 1, 2016:

I’m a 24 year old male, about 60Kg, 5’10”. I’ve had an irregular heartbeat since I was 17. Triggers are predictable: symptoms appear eating a meal, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, exercise.(I don’t smoke or drink and I avoid all sugary food.) These factors produce palpitations and premature heartbeats, with the irregular rhythm usually lasting for an hour or two and then fading away. These palpitations and ‘skipped’ beats have long since ceased to bother me, but around once a month I have a sensation of completely arrythmic heart fluttering, which is extremely disturbing. It typically lasts around 4-5 seconds, and usually occurs when I am asleep, and sends me racing across the room with a sudden adrenalin release. Usually, any movement of my torso frees some trapped wind or results in me burping, and normal heart rhythm resumes immediately.

Previously this has occurred only infrequently, around once every 4 weeks. However over the past week this feeling has occurred several times per day, at random times (on the bus, at the computer…) and whenever I eat anything. I have some abdominal discomfort and a constant feeling of trapped wind.

I find that needing to burp is the main cause of my arrythmia, and of the intense arrythmic episodes. I’ve spoken to several doctors who’ve all immediately identified gastric acid / GERD as the cause of my symptoms. However, I’m positive that excess stomach acid is NOT the cause. I’ve taken PPIs and antacid medications and strictly avoided all spicy / sugary food, and still had arrythmic episodes every time I have some stomach gas or need to burp. Please let me know if this condition sounds familiar and what steps I should take.

Yours sincerely, Conor.
P.S. At the moment I’m travelling in Cambodia and considering visiting a cardiac specialist in Bangkok.

Dear Conor,

Ask the cardiologist in Bankok about an event recorder, a little box that records the preceding and folowing 5 minutes of your EKG when you push a buttor.  Several people have recently written about palpitations associated wih burping.  We doctors are unaware of such, but your’re the third or fourth person to mention it.

Please write back if this note doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

And here are all the comments:

vicky wrote at 2008-09-09 06:53:12
hi my name is vicky im 27 and i too have episodes of missed beats when i have trapped wind it makes me so uncomfortable and worries me sick the only thing is i dont burp i pump

Knucks wrote at 2008-10-05 19:50:34
Hi!  I too have that recurring problem with gas. I mentioned it to my doctors and got a weird look.  I’m on meds now and have another problem. Numbing toes and amplified ringing in my ears.  If gas is all it is and doesn’t harm me. I’d like not taking any meds. 49 yr. old Alternative believer.

ktg1000 wrote at 2008-11-23 22:23:50
Hi Conor. I suffer with the exact same problem and I am relieved to have found you! I’m 32, 210Ibs, 6ft tall and have had my arrythmia, which is instantly remedied by burping, since my teenage years. I’ve long since been convinced it is ‘safe’, I would have been gone a long time ago now if it was going to get me. I’ve seen quite a few doctors over the years and had the 24hr ECG’s. All of which demonstrate the arrythmia well but they can’t seem to do anything for me. Kevin

Denis wrote at 2008-11-25 23:34:48
Hi everyone, I get the aforementioned arrhythmia too and always thought it was more to do with my stomach than my heart as it seems always too occur if I’m feeling bloated or have gulped a drink down really quickly. I think it’s the internal pressure somehow pushing on the heart !!!

I’m 41 now and get an attack every week or so, I’m convinced it’s harmless and try to ignore it although it’s not easy when you get that adrenalin rush of slight panic.

I too used to suffer with ectopics and premature beats when I was younger but thankfully they seem to have completely gone.Any thoughts appreciated.


Geoff wrote at 2008-12-18 15:01:49
Iv had the same symptoms since my mid teens and iv always put it down to trapped wind I’m now 52 but over the past year or so its got slighty worse and iv discovered why Gallstones. Iv read that Gallstones can cause heart Palpitations

Richard Broom wrote at 2008-12-23 05:33:24
Interesting.  I am 54 and have, for as long as I can remember, experienced the kind of palpitations described by Conor.  They come and go but I’ve also wondered whether the palpitations occur because of trapped wind.  Certainly, clearing the air (burping) seems to take away the symptoms.  I have, for a long time, thought it was my imagination.

starburn wrote at 2009-03-09 14:41:34
Hi all I would like to add my experience of trapped wind and irregular heart beat I am now seventy four years old and have had these symptoms since a teenager.I have had ECG,s with negative results (doctor prescribed Sotalol to be on the safe side which I still take)makes no difference,I asked if trapped wind could affect my heart beat and got a rather negative reply,but I know without doubt it does and as I am writing this for the last week I have had a gastric upset with severe wind top and bottom and most irregular heart rythme quite worrying at times,but once you are able to get rid of that wind all settles down till another build up of gas.I thought I was the only person with this problem it is good to hear other people have the same.Take some solace that of my age although it still causes one to be concerned when it happens.Live long,hope my experience is of some comfort and help to you all.


Andy wrote at 2009-10-19 17:51:54
Gosh.  I thought I was alone until I read this thread.  I’ve had an irregular heartbeat all my life and it was investigated when I was in my early thirties.  I’m now 42 and over the last few years have suffered the same disturbances of rhythm described in the original post.  The feeling is exactly as described by a number of the posts, i.e. as if a bubble of trapped gas is pushing on the heart.  As soon as the gas is released the symptoms go away until the gas builds up again.  I am pretty certain that this has nothing to do with stomach acid reflux which I have very occasionally experienced and which does not seem to be associated with my heart rhythm.

Burpyloads wrote at 2009-11-06 10:11:24
Yes, I too have this problem,… I end up having to do all sorts of weird movements in order to shift the trapped wind.  I’m so glad to have found others with the same symptoms, as I thought it was just me with this problem.  Docs look at you as if you’re crackers when you tell them.  It is alarming, I get light headed and my heart rhythmn is all over the place, skipping when I breath in, once you do some good burps the problem relieves itself.  I’d love to know how to get rid of this alarming problem.  Think the heart docs need to look into it, as it’s definitely ‘real’ and not imagined.  Like you, when it’s bad it’s really easy to convince yourself that it’s gonna bring on a heart attack.

tim drake wrote at 2009-12-03 13:25:08
I get this only everyday, i have a problem where i cant seem to get rid of my trapped wind as i cant burp! not without regurgitating! I DRINK PEPPERMINT TEA TO HELP IT OUT. eXERCISE AKES MY WIND WORSE AS DOES STRESS!.

Lizzie wrote at 2010-01-13 22:39:26
I wish I’d read these comments years ago. I’ve had irregular heart beats for decades. Numerous 24hr EGCs confirmed this but no-one knew the cause. One consultant said my delta waves(?) were ‘absolutely fascinating’. Another decided I must have Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome & I went 10yrs later for treatment by a top heart consultant specialising in electrical problems. After the op he totally humiliated me, arrogantly saying there was nothing wrong with me. I’ve never dared mention it since, although at times it is very distressing & worrying even though I know I’ve survived this long. I’m now 56. I’d said to doctors for years that sometimes I’d noticed it cleared briefly if I burped but no-one ever picked up on this.

graham wrote at 2010-01-29 17:56:19
I take Nexium 20mg and a beta blocker 25mg. I too believe my missed heart beats are caued by wind ie pressure on my heart somewhere. My cardoologist says its caused by partial LBBB butDoctors all agree that they don’t know what causes this !

mattfm wrote at 2010-02-05 01:59:13
Hi again I am one of the people that thought I’m the only 1 with these symptoms it so annoying I feel like the wind is all over different places in my body exercise makes it worse sometimes sex causes it and I have to fidget to get rid of it( a real mood killer lol) and doctors say everything is fine with me only tip I can give any of you to help with this is also peppermint tea most of the time will relieve some of the tension sometimes all also another thing that I have started trying but as yet only been a week is to eat more roughage like weetabix and bran flakes I will post again if it helps

Gil Dines wrote at 2010-02-21 17:32:30
Hi Folks, may I join the aforementioned arrhythmia club. I am 79 years old and in good shape.

For the last thirty years I have had so called heart problems with shortness of breath, and irregular beat at times of long non activity ( ie I am from the UK and at the moment freezing winds and rain make outside activity impossible]..

once the consultant takes an E C G, they are convinced you have some underlying heart complaint,

and bless them, your explanation of wind is taken in with a condescending smile.

I thank them for all there consideration, and await the next appointment..

Fear not my friends, today my heart was playing up, but at last the sun came out, I put on my thick coat and went for a thirty minuet fast walk, after every noisy burp, the breathing increased and the heart slowed down, on my return home I was so much better..

Everyone is different but when will someone take up our cause, and listen to our symptoms

Roger wrote at 2010-02-24 15:20:24
Hi, Am amazed to other people suffer from these symtoms which I occasionly have myself over a period of many years. I 58 and go to the Gym every day, this morning I woke up with a arrhythmia and the usual burping as described. Went to the Gym anyway, and got on a machine with a heart rate monitor. The monitor complained about my heart rate as soon as I started with a reading of 155 bpm, kept going for 5 minutes with machine flashing red then did an extra loud burp and the rate dropped to 106 with me slightly out of breath with the exercise. After that felt great with the arrhythmia and burping gone. The only thing is not sure what is cause and what is affect.

bill thompson wrote at 2010-02-28 18:09:57
Hello all. I have suffered the same problem since my mid twenties, I am now 56, the pattern emerging is the medical fraternity either dont know or dont want to know about this condition. normally as most of you say these symptoms last an hour or so, but on three occasions mine have converted to atrial fibrilation after a bad attack of wind, twice the heart returned to normal on its own the next day, once they treated me with a drug called fleckanide, this corrected the rhythm in minutes. specialists tell me you would have to be in fibrillation for 48 hours before there was a risk of stroke, so please be aware of your rhythm after a bout. Hope this does not alarm anybody as I am still going strong, a bete blocker definately helps, consult your doctor ( if he will listen that is ) I hope you all fare well, Bill.

siloblue wrote at 2010-03-05 03:16:09
I too have the same exact feelings your descibing and have had them for years all heart test neg.dont know what to do about it,

Definitely-not wrote at 2010-03-21 01:32:42
Hi all. I’m partially pleased to see I’m not alone. However, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I’m 33 now, and at 16 years old had what felt like pressure on my heart. I visited the doctors and they all told me, without any checks other than pressure checks, that it appeared like teenage anxiety attacks, causing palpitations and light headedness, due to the panic and increased adrenalin. At the time, I didn’t honestly believe them, as I was born a ‘hole-in-the-heart baby’, (but never had surgery to close the hole, as it had ‘healed’ by the time I was 3 years old) so I was worried and had serious doubts. These days, at 33, I still have these “bouts”,(right now, which is how I came to find this page) so I’m guessing that they’re definitely not teenage anxiety attacks. Although , now I try to stay calm and find that if I can burp, then the attack seems to subside and will be fine for days. I’m not over weight (5’10″/9st10lb) and I eat a fairly healthy and varied diet, but I want to start going to the gym and do some more intense exercise, but I’m worried about straining my heart, or having some kind of more serious attack. I want to have some checks done, but doctors look at me as if I am an idiot, that should already be going to the gym and that I’m just afraid of the exercise, but that’s definitely not the case.

AXLE wrote at 2010-03-23 14:27:30

Adele wrote at 2010-03-23 19:23:05
I too have had this for years. I also get a pain behind my sternum which worried me for years. Turns out to be an irritated gullet.  I spoke to my doc about burping relieving my palpitations and discomfort, and he said the same nerve (vagus) innervates both the digestive system and the heart, and it is NOT an unusual complaint.

Brian wrote at 2010-09-20 15:46:40
Male 51yrs and have the odd stab in the back below the sternum.(Think it is hard stools moving in the Colon) I have trapped winds and then the heart acts up to a point it looses one beat now and then. I have noticed that when I take Gaviscon 30ml this helps the wind to move along as the Gaviscon moves along the intestine once pasted the stomach. Also when I take a walk the movement of the stomach area starts to bring the gas up and I burp a good one and all is well for that moment. I heard one must not wear tight belts or pants. Also to eat slow. The problem is I have a Hiatus Hernia and on top of that had surgery to open my stomach (because of traffic accident) Doters did not want to repair the hernia say it will do more harm than good as it is only a medium size at the time. I also noticed that when I went on a antacid drug to stop acid build up in the stomach I had no problems with the heart. So I am going to conclude my article by saying acid reflux can contribute to the heart and winds.In turn wind in the intestine area presses against the aorta(vein) that runs at the back of the spine that feeds the legs with blood.

fran hennessy wrote at 2010-10-13 10:36:55
hi 48 years old and have had this proble for years i found giveing up eating garlic has helped a lot.

hellosusie wrote at 2010-10-16 10:57:48
I am 51 yrs old and suffer from this also. Years ago I suffered from anxiety attacks and read a book by Dr Claire Weeks, in it she describes how wind can irritate the heart and cause funny beats etc so fear not just keep burping!

Cameron B wrote at 2010-11-05 09:03:15
Wow! thank god im not alone, everytime i tell people about this they think im over reacting or just making it up. I have only had the problem for about 6 months and been to many doctors, all of which do not have any idea what causes this. They said my heart is fine, but i have a problem with acid reflux and i think a bit of an anxiety problem. supposedly anxiety can create air buildup and subconsciously cause you to swallow air. The only things that help are healthy diet, exercising or any types of stress relieving techniques, acid and gas medicines. Sorry to say we’re stuck with this problem for good!

Ruby-Jools wrote at 2010-11-05 11:25:05
Hi folks, I have had this problem of trapped stomach wind giving me palpitations for 2 years now. I am 56 & it is making my life a misery! I have ended up in hospital twice now with Arythmia..the first time I was treated with Blood pressure tabs & Coumadine which thins the blood. This worked but then I got addicted to a benzodiazapine (for stress) & the palpitations are worse after I eat but pretty much with me all day & everyday on & off. I walk around with a big black cloud over my head wondering when the palps are going to go over into Arythmia again. My moral is very low now. Nothing seems to help.

Katy wrote at 2010-11-20 13:23:32
I also have suffered from palpitations from trapped wind for fifty years.  Seen three heart ‘experts’, heart beat was measured at 220, had electric shock treatment to return the heart to normal, none believed it was trapped wind but could not find what it was.  Some attacks last seconds, minutes, hours, one was once three days.  It is wind, but experts think I am insane.


Pat wrote at 2011-01-17 23:20:48
Hey. I’m 30 and have the same symptoms as all of you guys, for as long as I can remember. Have gone to docs with it a number of times and got the same condescending treatment. I have taken heart from the fact that so many have the same problem, and good to see a few older people posting, which hopefully confirms this complaint is unlikely to cut you down in your prime!! Just from my own research, I think this could be do to with the vagus nerve which connects the heart stomach lungs and various other organs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vagus_nerve

Mr Werd wrote at 2011-02-17 17:48:19

I too have started suffering from this issue, but I may have a solution for you.

Like many here, I started suffering from a “dropping” feeling in my stomach – a mix between a muscle spasm, a burp and a hiccup – and was worried that it was my heart. The other morning I felt my pulse just as I had a strong one of these and felt my pulse change.

Anyway, to the doctor I went, who gave me several ECGs and a clean bill of health, yet these feelings persisted. One doctor then prescribed me 10mg of a pill called Omeprazole which did nothing, until another doc told me to take 40mg a day.

At this moment, I have not had this problem occur for almost 24 hours.

It’s to do with acid. I am a bit of a nervous person and always have a pack of antacids with me at all times. I think that extreme excess acid causes a massive amount of gas that presses against the Vagus nerve and sets off this feeling/premature heatbeat.

I know the misery this feeling causes, and I hope the above helps.

Fellow Traveller wrote at 2011-03-18 13:53:27
I have had the same palpitations under similar circumstances as many of the people who have posted here.  (female, 64 years old). I definitely have GERD and know that is most helped with the addition of acid (in the form of vinegar, lemon juice or OTC HCl tablets). Although that sounds counter-intuitive, it is lack of sufficient stomach acid (HCl) which happens to many people as they age, that causes acid reflux (rather than too much acid). This is because the valve at the beginning of the large intestine needs a Ph level low enough before the valve opens fully.  If it can’t open completely, the food trying to get into the intestine continues to churn and the churning can back up the acid in the stomach into the esophagus and cause heartburn).  Although PPIs are very effective, there are many good reasons NOT to take them long term. When I have the heart palpatations, what works for me is either: taking OTC calcium carbonate chews, or taking a good probiotic capsule and sometimes, I take a magnesium supplement in the form of a dissolvable fizzy tablet. It is significant that I had a very complete cardiology work-up just last year, including a heart CRT and there was nothing found that indicates actual heart trouble.

James wrote at 2011-04-03 21:37:31
I have had heart palpitations for that last few of years now. I am a 29 year old male.  I have had ECG and even an MRI to check for heart problems, but they all come back normal so I am on a low dose of betablockers.  Although I know my heart can give hard, noticable “extra” beats when I am nervous (like when im about to speak publicly) but also I have noticed that there seems to be a recurring link between when I have these irregular beats and when I feel I have trapped wind.  I have always felt the need to burp when my heart goes on a funny fluttering fit – but always thought it was a coincidence.  I have not had any problems for the last few months actually, but it has suddenly come back today – and interestingly I have just started taking medication for constipation which I think is causing me to be bloated and quite windy!!  Reading these postings has made me wonder if there is indeed not a link between trapped wind and my heart.  Can having trapped wind really make the heart beat oddly/palpitate due to pressure build up?  I suppose it is possible. It’s just a shame it is so scary when it happens.

Den wrote at 2011-04-26 19:36:21
I’ve got mitral valve prolapse (non-leaking) and have been on a mild dose of Tilazem to control classic MVP symptoms for years. I’ve had weird ectopic beats whilst running (been running for > 1 year), but usually it just feels like one missed beat and don’t get bothered again. I’ve noticed that if I’m more dehydrated than usual I’m more likely to get them. Recently however, I have been having a more significant issue. Out of the blue, while running I suddenly get the ectopic feeling (PVC?) palpitation feeling plus a dull pain and some tightness in the chest. I stop running immediately and the ectopic beat feeling goes away but the dull chest pain and palpitations continue. After a minute or two of walking the feeling goes away. It has usually ocurred when running quite fast (HR > 160bpm, i’m 36btw) and on two ocassions it happened during runs where my polar HRM said I maxed at 179-180 (by accident) some time during my run although not at the time of the incident – usually 165-170bpm when it occured. On two occasions it ocurred on the last 1km of the run (after 45min and 25min) and on one occasion only 12 minutes into a run.

I’ve had a stress ECG to 179bpm (didn’t occur unfortunately) but the cardiologist doubts heart problems although he can’t completely rule it out without more info when it happens. My GP says I’m describing classic angina and that I shouldn’t be running HR > 145 bpm.

On the last incident I had a small amount of wind come up after the dull pain past and I’m wondering if perhaps I have the same problem many other posters have described.

Michelle wrote at 2011-05-30 10:00:40
Hi im now 33 years old and have been having what they call ectopic beats since i was 25 years old. I am a anxious person and also have IBS. The docs have done many ecg’s and nothing has been said other that it was normal, my potassium was low on one occasion and by BP is always one the low side of normal. I am 100% convinced that trapped wind has something to do with it. Every time i amntion i get them but i am full of wind, i can feel it popping, and the aches around my back, side stomach etc but the doc’s always say its nothing to do with it. There must be something there, every time i am full of wind etc and laying flat makes it worse or sitting straight ….

Fireman Fred wrote at 2011-06-20 17:45:44
WoW Thank you everybody for making me realize that I am not on my own. I am a 70 year old male and have suffered from this problem for years. I have been to the doctors and had ECG’s, once being sent to the hospital with a suspected heart attack but that turned out to be arthritis in my left shoulder. When I have a bad attack,I feel absolutely lethargic and sometimes end up going back to bed.I go light headed and get panic attacks which makes it worse although after reading all the comments on here I hope the panic attacks will stop. I do have a problem with my stomach which causes it to make excess ethanol. When I have a bad attack I do a lot of burping but very rarely do I fart which tells me that the problem is at the top end of my stomach. I take peppermint tablets, prescribed by my doctor but they do not stop these attacks, It is now Monday and the one I am having now started on Friday night. I think it would be a good if some university could do research into this problem which may not be dangerous but is most certainly frightening.

HeartofGas wrote at 2011-06-22 16:20:32
Reading the above similar cases are reassuring that I’m not alone and makes it clear to me that pressing wind is very real cause of the heart symptoms I experience. I’ve had it so many times now that it’s the obvious cause but I don’t know what’s causing the wind but I do notice that it’s stress related in general. I am recovering from M.E. and when I get my symptoms it makes me feel very weak. I know it has knocked my confidence in doing exercise as that too brings the wind on. I wish someone would do research.

LeeDude wrote at 2011-08-08 23:46:49
Hi there guys it’s midnight as I write this and jus had an episode, so find myself on here looking up to see if this feeling is normal. I read the feedback and find it quite comforting.

For me I was lying down in bed and twisted my body to the right and I could feel a numb feeling like gas stuck, or a kind of pressure just below my rib cage centre of my torso, normally I sit up and force a burp as this seems to relieve it, (I sometimes wondered if this was psychological) but tonight I held the position and felt my pulse. I could feel a beat missed and this like every time it happens freaks me out. Does anyone else have a trigger position. Not alway when I’m lying down but mostly does happen like that lately. I have had this for last five years now. When I first had this doctors sent me to hospital to have ECG, scans and wore 24 hr monitor, but nothing came up. Doctor said it was anxiety and put me on citalopram as I found it very hard to ignore, docs tell u there is nothing wrong the scans come up with nothing but I can feel it and know my body and could not dismiss it easily without the worry.

I deal with it when it comes and there is no pattern to it, sometimes a month goes and nothing then I can have several everyday for a week. I have now bought a stethoscope from amazon so I can listen to my chest when it strikes again. Don’t know what I will achieve by this but like my mum said, if there was anything seriously wrong with u you would of known it by now after 5 years, just not easy every time it happens I think “I knew it, this is it, I’m going to die, the doctors were wrong, they missed something” keep the feedback coming guys it helps, and let me know if anyone has a similar trigger to me? Many thanks.

relieved wrote at 2011-08-10 17:55:56
Hi everyone,I am 55 years old and have been worried sick about these crazy missed beats. Like all of you , when I burp, this feeling is relieved but my doc doesn’t believe me!!Had 24 hour monitor and all was nomal except for a few extra heartbeats (which I was assured is normal)So glad to read all of your experiences.

Fellow Sufferer wrote at 2011-08-24 06:40:04
Thank goodness!  I am 61 years old and have had spells of palpitations etc for some years.  I am currently wearing a 24 hour irregular monitor and have had a bad night of waking with what I have long been convinced are wind related irregular heart rhythms.  This is what prompted we to look for this sight. Pleased (also sorry!) to know I’m not alone.

Mike wrote at 2011-09-24 13:30:53
I help people with this all the time, I’m a natural health practitioner and your all talking about digestive and eliminatin issues.  That’s my forte’  I can help you to restore your digestion and help alleviate this problem for you.  You can email me and check out my center’s website at nynaturalhealthcenter d o t  c o m  I do phone consults throughout the U.S. and Internationally.

Michele A. Vartuli wrote at 2011-10-10 09:37:01
Hello, I see this topic has been going on since 2008 (three years now), so I reckon, by the number of answers, it doesn’t seem to be a very common problem, but I’m clearly not the only one having it. I am a 45-year-old male and I take a blood-pressure med (metoprolol) which also supposedly helps with arrhythmia. The reason I’m taking it is because I have had bouts of arrythmia for the last two or three years. They are not very frequent but sometimes are grouped together, for instance, I’ve had two in less than a month now, after a rather long time with no episodes. I had an EKG years ago and they found some abnormality in my heartbeat which seems to indicate a problem in one of the nerves which trigger the heartbeats. To the doctors, this explains the arrhythmia. Problem is, these bouts bother me a lot, I always panic and maybe this makes the problem worse. Well, I have noticed that every time I have one of these bouts, I start to burp like crazy, and usually I also need to go to the bathroom to make, er, number 2, and sometimes pass wind also. My digestion has always been lousy, I usually have diarrhea and a lot of gas, which manifests through burping and passing gas frequently. I’ve been wondering for a while if there is a connection between the crazy burping and my heart starting to do the rumba at the same time. It usually occurs when I’m lying down to sleep, which is terrible, because then I’m terrified of having another bout in my sleep, with unforeseeable consequences! That’s what happened a few hours ago, and since I didn’t want to go to sleep, I googled “arrhythmia” and “burping” and ended up here. I’m relieved to see so many people have the same problem, that seems to indicate a connection between gas and arrhythmia, and to me it makes a lot more sense thinking that digestion affects heart rate, than some heart problem causes excess gas. That’s a relief. I’m also relieved to see so many stories of people living with similar problems for years, because, let’s face it, when it comes to something that affects the heart, your first thought is that you’re gonna die from it. The attack I had a while ago seems to have passed (maybe reading the answers above and calming down had something to do with it) after a lot of burping (and I really mean a lot!), one trip to the bathroom and even some hiccups! If you are feeling something similar and you are reading this, it means you probably have read the previous answers, which are much more enlightening than mine, so try and calm down, that probably will help you feel better. Go see a doctor if you think it’s necessary, but be comforted by knowing that many people have felt the same and survived – many times. Good luck and health for us all!

Brian wrote at 2011-11-05 16:30:09
reading all the stuff on this site relating to  and missed beats etc, i am a 59 year old male fit and works out with weights four times a week cardio three times a week i.e. running the streets. i have suffered from irregular heart beats for many years had all the tests including an (angiagram) camera in the heart, was given the all clear and sent on my way with Beta blockers (atenolol) and asprin i can also confirm that when i now have an episode a good fart stops the missed beats in its tracks, i also agree that the doctors should listen to people like you and i and investigate this further as i beleive it is mainly related to wind, although sometimes it doesent work like that at all, possibly because the wind is trapped pretty deep and cannot come out hence the continued arythmias…..

Michele A. Vartuli wrote at 2011-11-07 08:03:00

Hi folks, I’m writing again because I’m very happy to say I may have found a very simple solution to our problem. After I’ve stumbled upon the fact that arrhythmia could be caused by trapped gas, I remembered I happened to know for many years a great anti-gas medication. It’s called simethicone (that’s the name of the substance, you can look it up on Wikipedia, there’s a list of brand names for it there). It is an anti-foaming agent – it reduces the surface tension of the bubbles of gas in your body, making it easier to release the gas either way (upwards or downwards). Now here’s the best part: since it is not absorbed by the body and it has only a physical effect inside the digestive tract (as opposed to a chemical one), it is sold without prescription and it has absolutely no side effects. You can take four of these a day, it won’t have absolutely any effect other than making it easier to expel gas from your body. I always have some on my bedside table. As soon as my heart starts acting up, I pop one in my mouth with some water. I have found that 125-milligram gel capsules work great for me, because they are absorbed (and act) more quickly. My “crises” used to last up to one hour; with simethicone, they are gone in minutes (and they don’t come back for days). I’ve just had a particularly vicious “attack” a few minutes ago. I’ve swallowed a capsule of this blessed medicine and now I’m as good as new.

It may not work for everyone, but since it is such an inexpensive drug which does absolutely no harm (any doctor will vouch for that) I think everyone should try it.

In answer to LeeDude: My episodes always happen when I’m in bed and I am about to fall asleep, but I think the real cause (at least of the trapped gas), believe it or not, is cheese. I’ll cut cheese from my diet completely to see if the crazy heartbeats go away.

I hope this helps! Good luck to us all!

Donna wrote at 2012-01-14 23:37:17
Thank you all for posting these experiences. Deep down, I didn’t really think anything was wrong with my heart, but I could not understand why it kept fluttering. I wondered if it could be connected with this strange bout of trapped burps I’ve been having for the last few days, and this reassures me. I will try the simethecone!

Thanks again!

John Cardio wrote at 2012-01-18 22:02:47
I feel like I have found a second family! I had palpitations associated with trapped wind for a whole year about 8 years ago. I was supremely fit, I was doing several triathlons per year and I was in my late thirties and in good health.

The trapped wind would occur while swimming or cycling. The result would be tachycardia and a general feeling of weakness.

I would have to stop riding or swimming and try to clear the gas by burping. It always went away. After an incidence lifting weights, I decided to go the the hospital. They gave me a full work-up and found nothing.

After that the problem went away altogether until this year. It comes on if I am cycling in very cold air, or occasionally after a big meal. A nice cup of hot tea, swallowed as hot as can be tolerated works great. The steam expels the trapped air nicely, and has always worked.

I have recently noticed a hard lump right above my diaphragm. I am going to get it checked out, but I suspect it could be a hiatal hernia.

I have recently had a heart work-up for another condition and got the all clear again. Catheter, X-ray, MRI, ECG Echo the works. They just opened a new clinic near my home and I think they wanted to test all the new equipment out.

I thought it was overkill, but I couldn’t see the harm in being sure. And now I can face the palpitations with the confidence of knowing my ticker is fine.

I still do plenty of cycling and have never had any cardiac discomfort while doing any exercise at any intensity. I once completed the whole stress test protocol without breaking a sweat.

So if you are having this problems, by all means get checked out, but be aware that it can affect the healthiest of hearts.

Michele A. Vartuli wrote at 2012-02-02 01:25:00
Just a follow-up on my previous posts: I’ve eliminated cheese almost entirely from my diet, and I’m glad to tell the trapped gas (and consequently the arrhythmia) is gone. I take simethicone every time I feel too much gas is building up and I’ve been feeling FINE for months now.

I agree with John Cardio, I feel that all of you folks who have written here are my second family. Without even knowing it, you have helped me immensely (and that’s exactly what family does, isn’t it?) with a problem that used to make me worry and suffer a lot, and for that I will be always grateful.

No disrespect to Dr. Richardson, but the real help and healing, in this case, has come from the words of all the common folks who have posted here, from Conor in Cambodia years ago, all the way down to my new friend John Cardio. Good bless you all good people, and may He keep your hearts beating true and strong for many years to come. Thanks!

Wackwack wrote at 2012-02-17 08:26:18
Wow am I pleased I found this web site!

I’m 47 and as all the post above been in the same boat as most.

I’ve had the trapped wind and heart flutters since my first ECG at 23 years old… Been told its panic attacks not enough exercise, wrong foods, blah blah blah, the old quack normally sends you on your way with your tail between your legs feeling you’ve wasted far to much of his precious time… But this is real and thank god this site as made me feel relieved I’m not on my own…

I’m on beta blockers now and acid Tablets ( 20mg omeprazole) which may or may not help as I’ve only really just started them..

As of many of you I find a really good burp , you know the ones that could part people’s hair or close a fire door from 30 yards instantly releives my problem, and when I have it bad I’m normally sick of what ever has aggravated it , normally mushrooms or spicy foods that I avoid like the plague now.

What a combination ! Burping farting and being sick and going all curly when you have a pulupitation ….. No wonder I’m single lol!

All the best to my fellow suffers may we burp and fart freely without any discriminations in any way shape or form 😉

Burper wrote at 2012-02-23 13:11:19

I was worried about using Dr Google to look up this problem (as assumed I would find lots of sites telling me I was going to die) but delighted to find this.

I too get heart probs through trapped wind.  And pains in my shoulders, as well as all the normal places.  I too take Simeticone (called Windeeze in the UK) when I get hit with a bout.  I also like to go for a walk to get things moving or get my husband to give me a massage to get the burps out.  Glad I am “normal”.  Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!  Made me feel so much better!

Brian Cross wrote at 2012-03-10 20:32:55
71 years old…until 2years ago in splendid health…then came the atrial fluctuation. Put on beta blockers and aspirin..no change. UNTIL I read this sites quotes i was really worried..now relaxed. Yes you doctors out there..IT IS TRAPPED WIND. I KNOW IT. As soon as its relieved then the palpitations stop.

Brian Cross wrote at 2012-03-10 20:32:56
71 years old…until 2years ago in splendid health…then came the atrial fluctuation. Put on beta blockers and aspirin..no change. UNTIL I read this sites quotes i was really worried..now relaxed. Yes you doctors out there..IT IS TRAPPED WIND. I KNOW IT. As soon as its relieved then the palpitations stop.

El Stonio wrote at 2012-03-29 19:49:15
I have this exact thing.  My heart tests came back fine and I actually am an avid biker so I’m no longer worried.  If I lay down on a full stomach, heart palps; strolling after eating to expell gas and get digestion going helps alleviate all or most.  Get tested but don’t worry.  It’s happened so often I know it’s not a “heart” problem.

tracie wrote at 2012-04-15 12:18:27
i too am glad i found this page.I have believed my palpatations where caused by wind,but heart specialist said NO…so then i thought i had bad heart.

I have suffered from palpatations for years. I had a bad attack and ended up in hospital , they said some enzyme in blood test was high and ussually a sign of a heart attack, then said that it was probaly high from the palpataions lasting so long. i was sent to a heart specialist who did all sorts of tests and said that there was nothing wrong with me. I told him that it feels like wind causes it….he gave me a strange look.

I get chest pain and shoulder pain,these are signs of heart attack,so of course i panic. but i also feel bloated and burping and letting wind out helps.i am on medication to help control the palpataions, but i still get them on occasions….and yes, it feels like wind. last night they lasted 3 hours,today i felt like a slug and the chest pain and shoulder pain returned. I made myself a cup of peppermint tea and took 2 mylanta tablets and pain has eased…and palps havent started.I find they are worse if i am constipated so i have to agree with everyone that WIND CAUSES PALPATATIONS.

Kathryn wrote at 2012-04-23 00:20:38
I woke up this morning with a pain in my upper chest. Painful to breathe and I really thought I was in the midst of a heart attack. I am 57 probably a bit overweight, don’t exercise enough, eat good food but enjoy things I really shouldn’t eat. I googled my symptons and found this site. How right eveyone is, it really does feel like severely trapped wind around my heart. I also have arrythmia and find CoQ10 100mg is very effective in relieving this condition. I decided to take some of the advice given and go for a walk, even though I thought I might not make it back… it really helped bring up the wind and the pain went with each burp. My Father passed away with his third heart attack at the age of 67, every time I get a pain in the heart area I always think the worst.

Walking, rubbing the area, general movement and possibly an aspirin should shift the upper wind. Thank you so much for all your good advice, I really appreciate it.

stevekk369 wrote at 2012-05-05 19:24:32
I have a heart condition and heve 2 stents in I am having very similar reactions With wind burping etc and what feels like palpitations.  I have just reacted to a need to spit or more precisely i was not swallowing and now this other condition has started to increase. I also have dark coloured sputem and have had for months. I also find my alprazolam that i take in the evenings seems to calm things.  But i have had severe panic attacks thinking this was a heart attack and called an ambulance several times. But now try to ignore it .

minkeemoo wrote at 2012-05-19 16:02:20
So happy I found this x I am36 and  always worring about when the next bout will come, usually after something to eat I can get one or if lying down, I also take a beta blocker and omprozole 20mg, I am very overweight though so that doesnt help as I imaginge my stomach is squahing my heart 😦 x I have put so much weight on as I became afraid of excersie due to the palps, kind of a vicious circle x good luck to all and thanks for sharing xxx

Jannet wrote at 2012-05-29 21:05:23
Hello to you all 🙂 I’m so happy to have found you guys on this site :)Reading all your comments has made me realize that my awful panic attacks are brought on by the same symptoms you all describe!! You always tend to imagine you are the only one suffering these awful symptoms and feel silly for telling anyone!! I have been having this on and off since as far back as I can remember and diet and lifestyle  defo make a difference!! I wish you all well and here’s to burping and farting to our HEARTS!! 😉 content… Luv and lite to you all 🙂 Jannet…xx

Ashland wrote at 2012-05-31 04:48:50
Hi Everyone,

I’m a 42 yr old female. For as FAR back as I can remember, my heart has fluttered when air is trapped in my diaphragm and triggered fear and anxiety. Over the years I’ve tried releasing the air by taking bottles and bottles of Tums, liquid antacid, Prilosec, .. even drinking carbonated sodas to belch.. which would ** temporarily ** alleviate the issue. I’d like to share what has happened in the last 2 weeks that has STOPPED the problem. I just left a 3 day stay in the hospital for a bleeding ulcer…and the doctor put me on 2 iron pills a  day (over the counter ferrous sulfate). After 1 week on the 2 iron pills a day…. NO MORE heart flutters!! I have to wonder if low blood volume or anemia makes the fluttering worse… because now… for the first time in years… the fluttering stopped. I still have the trapped air.. but with no flutters. It’s certainly worth a try for everyone. I think I was weak and anemic and didn’t know it… and I had low blood volume… which triggered the irregular heartbeats when I had gas in my stomach area. The iron has stopped the problem. Thank God it’s worked… no more panicking .  Good luck and God Bless everyone..

Tommy Dee wrote at 2012-06-28 19:24:59
hi, glad to hear people describe their symptoms here as i have the same symptoms. i get excessive bloating and gas build up in my top gut which also adds pressure to a nerve causing my palpating heart.

but the worst feeling of all if being out of breath, i almost have to take overly deeper breathes with the feeling i need to burp, but if i did burp, i get regurgitation.

him glad that other people have posted here because felt pretty alone with this.

doctors also given me a clean bill of health with and ECG after i rushed their thinking i was going to have a heart attack from the pain and shortness of breath.

sometimes i get a couple of clean days where i am fine, then followed by a week of living hell. the only way i can relieve it at all is by laying on my left side and await stomach movements, then i cross my fingers hoping i can actually go to the toilet.

doctors gave me Lansoprazole 30mg and Peppermint oil tablets of which didnt help much. this is common treatment for irritible bowel syndrome. i considered that its is IBS until i was really feeling unwell for some time and suddenly let out a huge burp! i felt like i was almost possesed in someway with no control over my wind, which is so much better than living a life of not being able to pass any.

marymac wrote at 2012-06-30 19:00:33
I feel so relieved after reading your posts. Everything is so familiar !! I have always been a nervous person and i have always suffered gullet problems and heart arrythmias. I was diagnosed years ago with SVT but it went away of it’s own accord after a year or so treatment. My weight goes up and down a lot also and recently i have put a couple of stone on so i know this isn’t helping. Over the last year or so i started getting ectopic beats when full. Burping wasn’t helping unless i managed a man sized one which i find difficult. I’m sitting here now and this time it’s been going on a few days. My abdomen feels way too full even though i have hardly ate. I feel as if food not going down properly, the pain going up my throat etc also. If i bend it’s so much worse and if i lay down it’s worse also. If i burp it feels like i’m going to regurgitate. I have crazy heartburn, ectopics are coming and going and i feel awful. I so wish experts would pay more attention to us when we make the connection between these symptoms. The one thing i do agree with though is that i’m convinced it has something to do with irritation of the vagus nerve. I hope we all find a cure for it soon.

Dutchoven wrote at 2012-07-08 22:58:02
Its Cheese people don’t eat the cheese, And get some wind ease

this condition actually is quite frightening, I’m thankful for all of you, a problem shared and all that,,

Husky. wrote at 2012-07-22 02:54:19
Hi all. Yes I too get all of the above symptoms. When I was younger I was convinced that it was solely a problem with my heart. And as I got older my symptoms got worse. I am an anxious person and having a problem like this can turn your situation into a 360 degree revolving door as I have noticed that panic and anxiety can also spark the problem. I began to realisze that whenever my heart started to skip a beat or the palpitations would kick in that there was a lot of gas “Trapped” in my stomach at the time! And yes like most cases above the only way to feel some sort of relief was to just openly burp. The bigger and louder the better. I have also been keeping a food diary. I have noticed that sausages, drinks containing caffine like coffee and coke, full cream milk, raw onions and processed foods will cause the gas to start building up and in turn bringing on an attack. I am no doctor but I think a high fibre diet is essential, and I will be the first to admit that I don’t have near enough fibre in my diet. So I use a supplement called Metamucil and it works a treat. I have 2-3 teaspoons in a glass of water in the morning before work and not all of the time but most of the time it brings my condition under control. Hope some of this helps, as I know how an episode of this can turn a great day into a miserable one at the drop of a hat.

palps wrote at 2012-07-27 13:50:44
I also have suffered palps. for years, without finding anything amiss.  I am at this moment full of gas, feel dreadful, and have lower back pain in kidney area.  Also when this happens I feel so weak and my legs are lie lead.  I have trouble burping, always have – it dosn’t seem to want to leave me.   But I have had these for years, and it’s very dibilitating.  Does anyone else suffer such weakness when they have an attac.

Bob wrote at 2012-07-27 23:11:53
I’ve suffered from this problem for about 10 years now (I’m 51). “Trapped wind/gas” has caused me such severe arrythmias that once I had to get defibbed 3 times just to get my heart back into rhythm. After that, I was prescribed beta blockers (metoprolol), but I still get the weird heart rhythms whenever I have “trapped gas/wind.” Only a few tremendous burps relieves them. I’m scared to death that I’ll have another major event, not be able to burp, and be nowhere near a defib machine. I’ve been told my heart is fine, but how can it be fine if it nearly killed me and still goes into scary rhythms? Thank God for burping, because that’s the only thing that relieves the arrythmias/flutters.

john obrien wrote at 2012-08-02 10:09:48
I am a 63 year old male – Have suffered from all of the above symptoms for many years – Been to the emergency dept of our local hospital several times thinking that I was having a heart attack – Done almost every test available on my heart several times over – To cut a long story short – About a year ago, I tried drinking some PRUNE Juice when the Irregularities, burping and lightheadedness would start up – within a few minutes it would all stop – I do this everytime that it starts up and it works. Half a glass does the trick – Give it a try – I buy it at Woolworths in Australia for $4.99 per 750ml bottle – You have nothing to lose – but everything to gain if it works for you – It works for me. All the best to all of us sufferers – Let’s keep helping each other – Doctors don’t seem to be able to.

iGalvanize wrote at 2012-08-03 01:49:22
EVERYONE!! Look up HIATIAL HERNIA– these symptoms (in my mom) are caused by hiatial hernia!! Basically the muscle that’s supposed to snugly band around the tippy top of the stomach gets loose, and then slips down, causing a sausage-like form. This can then lead to breathlessness, cheat pain, gas, etc. Look it up and ask your doc about it.


Simon Van Der Wolf wrote at 2012-08-05 02:08:16
Hello, found this page after having a real bad time today.

I ate a meal and around 10pm started to feel agitated and feeling like I needed to burp and I managed ro start, then I felt the missed heartbeat and then the heart speeding up followed by me being able to burp and burp, thus went on until around 1 am, now it’s settled but still have a ton of wind. To add to it I suffer from anxiety and that always adds to my indigestion issues and ability to stay calm and level headed.

I have had this on  uterus occasions but oddly never when I been working out hard in the gym, so logic says I do t have a heart issue as obviously lifting heavy weights without much breaks in-between , running and fast walking up hill and rowing and even sitting in a hot steam room don’t affect me.

It’s very annoying how indigestion wind and so etimes I wake up with stomach acid in my mouth and throat which is really nasty and you will know if you ever had it. This sets of my asthma and I’m coughing up acid all the time.

I really don’t know what’s best to eat, but I shall take a guess, high fat food logically should be a no no and eating late I am guessing is never a good thing.

This is really annoying and I guess we just have to live with it as there is no obvious choice of medication. Is there not a pill you can take in the mornings that settles your stomach?

If anyone wants to talk we me or just share your problem I am happy to email with you.


panda73wolf wrote at 2012-08-26 05:05:39
Wow I never thought that there were so many others out there that were having the same gas and skipped heart beats.I am 39 f that has crohns, premature contraction(irregular heart beat,)gurd, weird blood pressure(my top number is low and bottom number is high) and a few other things. I take several meds to help with blood pressure and heartbeat.

I noticed to night  that my chest felt like someone was sitting on it and short of breath, took my blood pressure reading and it was high, I also felt like i needed to burp but could not with out feeling like i was going to upchuck. SO i ate  a candy cane to help me burp  and then my blood pressure went back to normal along with the heart beat.

One thing I was wondering is if your blood pressure goes up when you have the trapped gas?

Elizabeth wrote at 2012-09-21 17:27:41
Of late I often wake up around 3-4 am with fluttery palpitations which are eased by burping. Sitting up helps but lying on the left side worsens the thumping feeling and brings  odd flutters in that area.

One night I had gone to bed after drinking too many mugs of strong tea… so put this down to caffeine.I take 20mg Micardis and wonder too if this can be part of the cause. I am glad I found this site.. I had suspected trapped wind but know if I mention this to the doctor I will be put thro the same old tests… I had an endoscopy which was clear!! Also had ECG.. clear too. All this wasted medical cost.I have a feeling too that acidity caused by sugars(in  nearly everything we eat) is a big part of the problem.

Pete wrote at 2012-10-09 09:45:27
I can ditto all of the above. A problem shared is a problem halved. Cheers guys.

Burpyloads wrote at 2012-10-29 18:03:13
Hello people,

I’m back because I want to share with you what’s helping me. I had my iron levels checked and they were ridiculously low. I’ve been on iron tablets 3x a day and my problems have subsided to the point where I feel in getting my life back. So want to recommend to you that you go and get your iron levels checked, it could be the answer to your prayers.

Best of health to all,

Burpyloads x

Valya wrote at 2012-11-08 06:49:58
I’m sitting here at 2am burping like a madwoman, terrified to go back to bed. I’m freezing cold and just wish that this trapped gas would go away. I hate this, but am comforted by everyone else’s experiences on here. I wish you all gas-free lives now and forever more.

Gingerbilly wrote at 2012-11-08 11:57:35
Yes to all of the above, I am 59 and have had palpitations on and off for as long as I can remember. They are worse in the morning and do ease after plenty of burps. I also wake during the night with rapid heart beats and sometimes sweats and put this down to apnoea. My wife nudges me quite often to wake me when I am not breathing. I like all the foods you should not have but it always seems worse after having bran flakes for breakfast! I exercise on a multi-gym and am ok when doing that. I once went to my GP about 20 years ago I was having bad palpitations whilst he was listening to my heart. I had the 24 hour monitor fitted but did not have any palpitations during the 24 hours! and they lost my results anyway so I gave up. I think anxiety is a major contributer together with the diet because when I am relaxed it seems to ease.

Burpsallnightlong wrote at 2012-11-28 09:06:34
I too am having the same issue. Just when I fall asleep my heart races and I wake up. Two nights awake. Normally I have been able to take digestive enzymes and it would cure me. Thats not working anymore. So glad to hear I’m not going crazy and that others have had burps affect their heart. Guess I will try some suggestions listed on here next.

Coolmostone wrote at 2012-11-30 16:21:15
I have this when I eat too much in the evening and sleep on a “full” stomach.  Sometimes taking chelated magnesium helps or a piece of fruit.  And of course burping…..alot!  Lol.  Had all the tests and they said not to worry.  So I’m not! : )

Pete wrote at 2013-01-23 11:43:27
I can Ditto all of the above. I am 57, from the U.K and first noticed missed beats when I was in my mid 30s. The wind has always been an accompanying symptom to the missed beats and when I clear this everything settles down. Good to find you guys.This gives some real peace of mind.

Alanoj wrote at 2013-02-11 17:37:32
Trapped air does cause palpitations to occur, as the Gastro intestinal tract is stimulated by the same nerve as the Heart is, I.e. Vagus nerve. Moreover, as gas builds up in the stomach this can force upwards and cause pressure on the diaphragm, which in turn can make it difficult to breath normally. Many medical professionals, particularly those relatively new to the profession may not agree, however, it is a physiological fact that gas does cause inert palpitations. If anybody does require further explanation of this cause please post, as I will explain fully.

Alanoj wrote at 2013-02-12 18:43:59
It’s quite interesting that a large number of posts reflecting people’s concerns about what they term ” flutters” or stronger than normal heart beats, particularly at or near bed time, especially when accompanied with gas, or indigestion.

The most obvious reasons in identifying the underlying cause for this uncomfortable, and often, at time frightening feeling, is to follow what actually occurs in changes in our physiology during the night time.

Before bed, and when we lay down to sleep, our metabolic function switches over to a different pattern.  Our gut functions don’t work as hard as we sleep, our hearts slow  down, (Bradycardia) in order for us to sleep naturally. Therefore, if you have a meal before you go to bed, or, any caffeine or sugar containing meal – although a small amount of carbohydrates can help with relaxation and sleep, your digestion can continue to function as if you we’re awake. Also, being prostrate in bed won’t help either, as this can hinder the natural downward pathway of digestion.

Regarding those “flutters” and stronger heart beats, this can simply be put down to Ventrical contractions, where the blood seems forced rather than pumped around the body. This is normal and won’t cause any adverse reaction. Just try and remember not to panic as this happens to us all.  I get them every night, I’m 40 and going strong.



Kyle wrote at 2013-02-15 09:11:02
I am 21 and was told that I have IBS two years ago. I have taken an antibiotic and take probiotics daily but after meals I feel a build up of gas in my stomach. I usually can force myself to burp and get rid of the discomfort. Tonite I felt an attack coming on and my heart began racing and it was hard for me to catch my breath. I seriously felt like I was dying or having a heart attack. I finally was able to get a couple of good deep burps out and I am feeling better but chest is still a little sore for late of better words. Laying dwn helped move some of the gas out; as did getting in a “downward dogging” type position to help pass gas. I have been anemic off and on all my life but I have not had my iron levels checked recently. Im sure my eating habbits can attribute to a lot of this seeing as im in college and live off of pb&j; n Mc Donald’s lol. I have found that a small hit of canabis has helped calm me during mild attacks but sometimes the discomfort is so great that not even that works. If feels good to know that I am not the only one that has experience this and reading this forum alone helped calm me down. I have an appt with my Gastro doc on the 21st and I plan on asking him his opinion on how to better control these attacks.

Z. Yousaf wrote at 2013-02-21 05:14:01

“Miracle Cure”.

I have had two heart attacks when I was 48, and now I am 58.

I have been having palpitations, nausea, head spinning, gastric troubles, chest discomforts, heart beat skippings and so many other damn problems for the last ten years that its hard to tell.

And for the last five months or so I would have non-stop burping bouts, almost every day, lasting at times for couple of hours.

I would think of ending my life but then didn’t.

Anyhow, only five days ago, I was about to sleep at night and unknowingly I had put my left forearm on my bloated belly, about an inch or two under the rib cage. The forearm reaching from the left of my belly upto an inch or two short of belly button. I felt instant relief. All heaviness in the chest, nauseatic feelings, burping and the skipping of heart beats just stopped. I stayed that way a few minutes and kept feeling the serenity after years. I lifted my forearm and the bad feelings started coming back, along with a couple of burps. I instantly put my forearm back and felt instant relief again.

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep with the forearm in that position for the whole night, so I thought of tying something heavy enough around my belly. So I got up and folded a polo shirt about eight inches in length, four inches in width and two and a half inches in thickness, and put it on my belly at the position of the forearm and then tied it with a belt hard enough to feel the same kind of pressure on my belly as my forearm had put on it.

I slept the whole night like a baby after years. It was some Miracle for me.

I kept the polo shirt and the belt tied over my belly almost twenty four hours, except when taking a bath, during the last five days. And am feeling great, never so in the last many years.

Hope it helps other people also. If it helps you, please spread the ‘Miracle Cure’.

IsureDoBurpAlot wrote at 2013-03-03 12:08:46
Im 25 male and 6’4 weigh 115kgs (about 25kgs overweight). I also get this problem usually after I have coke. I thought the caffeine was affecting my heart and freaking myself out, but my pulse was around 120. I discovered that also the burping was instantly curing it about a year ago. I had called out ambulances several times before that thinking my heart was going to stop only to be told it was a panic attack each time. The funny thing is the panic automatically kicks in every time and I forget to try burping until I’ve put up with the feeling for 20 minutes every time.

I just noticed this evening that my heart burn was back (triggered by pizza) for the first time in a couple of months. Also at the time I was having the heart flutters I had a number two, passed wind and burped now I’m fine.

I’m convinced this heart problem is caused by trapped wind and have thought it for a long time now but I’m happy I found this post to back it up.

Thanks everyone and OP.

Straker wrote at 2013-03-04 22:15:47
Hi, I have been a wind suffer for many years, I am 62. I spent 3 days in a high dependency unit undergoing various test back in Nov 20212. They could not find anything wrong and could not explain my arrhythmia. Now it has returned and I am to have another ECG. I definitely think trapped wind plays a part in erratic heart rate. For many years I was a good hill runner. I used to train with a pulse monitor strapped to my chest. During ‘stead state’ running my heart would be, say 130/140 bpm….but! If I belched, then it would be all over the place for a second or two, then revert to a normal pulse again. They’re must be a correlation! Hope this helps?

SUSAN LOVE wrote at 2013-03-19 13:02:54
I am so glad i googled this page because was getting worried about the symptons people are experiencing on this site, just like me. This has only taken place in last couple of days, continuing belching, heart flutters , was beginning to wonder if i had heart condition. I will still seek assistance from my gp to make sure there is nothing serious going on. This site is very useful.

JivinJane wrote at 2013-04-14 08:18:36
Hello all. I am 63 yr old female and am feeling right at home here with my heart palpitations and burping since I was in my late teens. The ECG’s were never given long enough to register anything and when the docs’ did hear something, they didn’t know what to do. I’ve been on beta-blockers since my 20’s but wondering now if they even help at all.

It makes me really wonder about what Dr’s do know, if anything.

I think it is subconscious swallowing of air and maybe some foods that cause the wind. One thing I do is ask someone to burp me or get into a door frame and sort of massage my own back. Also a yogic technique is to give a self-massage starting with head and think of using your hands like a hose to bring blood to the heart. Do the same with hands, arms, torso, feet and legs. I hope that’s understandable. . Also, if alone, use a heavy-ish bottle or can to burp yourself on the back.

Good luck, my fellow burpees

DAISY wrote at 2013-04-15 14:58:20

rich wrote at 2013-04-19 23:05:19
Interesting  .. This problem is bothering me for years now

Have had ECG, blood tests. GP told me its in my head, anxiety and so on. I often notice a spasm or contraction under my sternum..accompanied with skipped beats and then..the burping starts. I really burp like crazy.. It feels like a big trapped heavy feeling under my sternum..and the spasms are mostly there when i lay down or sit..almost never while walking. They sometimes go aways for weeks and than come back with a vengeance. I dont know why doctors keep insisting its anxiety .. its NOT. Its a feeling of spasms and skipped bears which triggers immense burping..  I think vagus nerve is involved. Just now..I have a big spell. its midnight here.. and every time i have this..it feels terrible and sometimes I think ..this is it. i�m done. ..than i start burping like crazy and think. Its back. Very weird feeling

deborah wrote at 2013-04-25 18:50:23
Hi, I’m 54, female, and have been dealing with bloat and missed beats for years.  What helps me is to take some baking soda with water.  It works like magic.  It promotes very explosive burping and the symptoms are gone.  I’ve always felt that my arrythmias were connected to my abdomen and it’s swelling with gas.  I can go from a size 10 pants to a size 44 in one hour if I eat the wrong thing. Sometimes I actually look 8-9 months pregnant!

Pauly wrote at 2013-06-08 01:23:24
Im glad to read this. I just finished eating dinner not long ago and I felt my heart skip some beats until I was able to burp a few times. I have had a-fib 3 times and I know what that feels like, this was different. very unsettling, but they happen so randomly and are over so quickly that you almost don’t notice them, except for the discomfort. I do believe anxiety can be a contributing factor as I received some bad news tonight that Im fretting about. im glad to know there are others out there that have similar issues. thanks for helping subside my anxiety if even only for a little bit.

JennyC wrote at 2013-06-26 00:25:04
Hi all, I’m in the UK and after a night of desperation found this site! Thank you for all of your responses – I feel so much better and calmer. This has been happening to me for several years now. I’ve been hospitalised with arythmia, monitored, put on ant-anxiety meds and beta-blockers. When I told my heart specialist I thought the palps were linked to wind he actually laughed out loud! I’m 53 yr old woman – I’m not an idiot – and this man made me feel a fool. I find its best to avoid starchy foods like bread and cakes as this causes wind for me. I can cope with the milder ‘flutterings’ but tonight was the worst for a while. I took my Mum to the theatre in London – we’d been for a meal beforehand – and about 30 minutes in I started to get terrible palps and a feeling of lightheaded ness and panic. The worse it got the more panicked and frightened I got, until finally I had to get out if the seat. I was shaking, rushed to a loo, had a bout of diarrhoea and felt terribly sick. Lots of wind.  Gradually it wore off and I managed to get back to my seat but within 10 minutes it started again!

Please can anyone help me? My biggest problem is the awful panic that seems to go with these palps!  I feel terrified I’m going to die when I’m in the middle of it. I’m sitting up in bed now with a very gassy stomach and lots of wind. Palps and panic have gone, for now. Thank you so much for any help. Jenny.

Dizzy wrote at 2013-09-14 01:23:02
Ditto here. Been going on for 1 1/2 years now. I might go a week or two without a problem and then I’ll have a terrible bout. Out of the blue. Caffeine and nicotene seems to help most of the time. I’m thinking slow emptying stomach or hiatal hernia, but of course doctors can’t find anything.

Katie81 wrote at 2013-09-23 22:42:43
This just happened to me for the first time.. I woke up afte half hour sleep and was having palpitations. I really panicked and thought something bad was going to happen. Then I sat up and started to burp loads, with every burp the palpitations decreased. I thought they could no way be linked, so I googled it.. And here I am. Feeling a bit less concerned!

clever wrote at 2013-10-03 05:10:07
Just happen to help my friend to look out for digestive problems in her. I’ve a doctor friend said that there is no such thing as not able to burp.. God gives us this ability. and you guys are just too concern about the heart beats…. just ignore and live on

will clark wrote at 2013-11-21 03:06:24
I have same symptoms from air buildup, usually from carbonated beverage. If I don’t burp, heart palpitations increases and I get lightheaded and almost faint, i burp immediately and relieve pressure on heart ,return to normal, lightheadedness goes away

feelingthepain wrote at 2013-12-04 23:25:34
This is a very REAL issue, and I thought I was going crazy! I am 30yr old male, 6ft, 145lbs in good physical shape. No medical Dr will acknowledge it but the only time I get palpitations, or the missed beat is when the gas pressure builds up. It literally feels like I’m having a heart attack if I turn a certain way or put pressure on my stomach area after eating or in the mornings. I have also had all the EKG’s, holter monitor for 72hrs, Treadmill stress test and a heart ultrasound. All negative. It is a very scary and panic inducing feeling when it happens. I’m so glad I found this post, and am not alone in this. I just recently had some bloodwork done and I’m anxious to get the results, and a possible answer to this. I wish everyone the best of luck in their search for relief from this scary 🙂

helen wrote at 2013-12-14 00:23:54
Hi, (uk) its great to read different responses and experiences, like many others I too have had another bout this evening with flutters and heart sensation in chest/neck and have noticed for a while that it occurs when I feel full of wind! I am on the ‘slimming world’ plan at present and have lost 18lb in last 3months, with no other underlying health problems. I am taking metformin for fertility reasons, so I was worried at first that was making it worse but overall not really worried. My bp has always been on the low side of normal and I understand that can be a factor. My gp is taking a starved blood reading on Monday for thyroid function, anemia and cholesterol as these conditions can all cause palpitations too. Funnily enough the gp mentioned a betablocker but they lower bp further, so won’t be considering that. My bouts can last 2-3 hours and involve several visits to the loo, to empty my bowel…so whilst we none if us are doctors, these symptoms are clearly linked 🙂 until they realise…happy burping & farting!

Marji wrote at 2013-12-15 06:35:04
I feel as if I’m not alone in the world!!!!  I have had this problem on and off since I was around 12 years old, my mother took me to the doctors and he said it was OK, normal for a girl on the cusp of womanhood!!!!!!!!  I am now 74 and very fit and healthy, have done weights now pumpfor the past 35 years do a lot of walking and I STILL have these palpitations which go away when I burp, but at the back of my mind it’s still a bit of a worry hence googling it.  Thank you, all of you I thought I was the only person in the world to have this “affliction”, and its great to know I ‘m not.


maggie wrote at 2014-01-11 08:27:47
I have the same symptoms and this page has helped me a lot.

I am 32 years old and have been dealing with this for about 2 years

I get the missed beats and sometimes a strange heartbeat that feels like its coming from my heart but in the wrong place, if that makes any sense.  When I get the strange heartbeat, I can’t feel it if I’m taking my pulse on my neck or arm, but I certainly feel it in my heart. Its like a pong pong match between aa normal heart beat and then the strange one.  That usually only goes on for a few seconds then I just have the missed beats every 3 or 4 beats.  Its always accompanied with excessive burping.  I immediately go into a panic.

Strange thing is it only happens while I’m standing up. Most people on this thread say it happens to them while laying down.

I went to the cardiologist last year and did an EKG, ECG, stress test, 24 hr monitor and of course, I didn’t have an episode that day so here I am a year later making another appointment. Will keep everyone posted.  All I know is that burping seems to help and I usually know I’m going to get it just by the knot on my stomach just before I stand.

Doctors believed it was anxiety when I went to the ER but the doctors could not explain why I apparently only have “anxiety” while standing up.

Frazzled wrote at 2014-01-23 11:36:15
I have had this problem my whole life as well and I’m now 53. As of about 6 weeks ago I have been doing two things which have miraculously made the palpitations almost completely disappear.

1. Continuous mantra to myself of ” Positive and enthusiastic” to combat feelings and thoughts of anxiety and depression, my lifelong companions.

2. More importantly I think ( although perhaps I am underestimating the power of the mind re above!), I have been taking twice a day a supplement called Recharge and Relax by Ethical Nutrients. It contains a large dose of magnesium, vitamin B, a herb called rhodiola and other minerals. It gives me non-painful loose stools, sometimes diarrhea, but has the effect, I believe, of getting rid of any buildup in the bowels causing wind and aggravating the vagus nerve.

I nearly didn’t post this for fear of supplies of this product running out once the word was out! But my conscience wouldn’t allow me not to share this amazing remedy with fellow sufferers whose pain and despair I know only too well.

Shootie wrote at 2014-02-04 04:08:55
Finally i feel i’m not alone in this.

I’m 36 and i’ve been having this for a short time abt 1 year now.

I was trying to stop smoking and was on Chantix for about a month and all of a sudden, it happened.

Same symptoms as everyone … palpitations comes whenever it wants and burping relives it.

Was looking at what i was eating and a few interesting things i’ve noted.

1> I could get palpatations if i took sweets/candies/gums with aspartame.

2> The same goes for coffee .. however not all the time.

3> For some reason .. unbuttoning my jeans and relaxing seems to ease it a bit. (need to get loose ones … yes i know i need to start exercising !!)

4> Orange juice … seems to help out in some extent

Things i may try from this page :

1> Something like antacid or natural mint ? Or i might just try chewing a mint leaf to see how that goes.

2> Try eating smaller portions and smaller bites.

3> Iron supplements.

4> Maybe quit drinking coffee for a few weeks to see how that works out.

I’ll post here again to see what happens.

William T wrote at 2014-04-01 12:06:51
I am 74 and have suffered from attacks of trapped wind and lightheadedness for the last 50 years.   The cure in my case is very simple.  I stop eating and drinking  for 12 hours or more and my digestion will return to normaly.   Sipping very hot water while fasting is also a great help.  Then try smaller portions and slower eating with lots of lightly cooked vegetables.  Blessed are those with robust digestions but for all the others – try my approach.

Kari wrote at 2014-05-14 19:32:56
Just found this page and OMG, I have just had an Angiogram due to my heart playing up, burping attacks and feeling pain in my right arm, I had a medical two months ago in the Uk and they said they picked up on a Left partial Bundle Block, I saw a Cardiologist in Spain who put me on Beta Blockers and Asprin, diagnosed Angina Stable ( which I disagreed on as it’s more unstable) and rushed through an Angiogram with an 80% chance of having stents! well I went and had the Angiogram done yesterday and the doctor said my heart is good no stents needed…… While he was putting the camera in my heart arteries I felt the same symptom I get and did a chocked burp…… Could this just be wind, sometimes my heart muscle is so sore it’s agony, I get very tired and lethargic and in general feel unwell when I have these episodes, any advice would be welcome please I’m at my wits end. I’m 52 yr old Female.

1confusedmamma wrote at 2014-07-16 06:59:54
I have had this problem for 2 year now. I keep asking my Drs if the build up of gas is putting pressure on my heart and is that causing my palpitations.  I even once went into afib. The best response I get is “anything is possible” and “you vagal down when you burp which stops the palpitations”. I want an answer to what is causing this.it started a few days after my gallbladder was laprascopically removed and I am trying to find the connection to either the procedure or maybe the gas build that I have had problems with since the procedure. I am open to any other ideas or leads. It is nice to know I am not the only one. For a little while my symptoms were better because of taking digestive enzymes and a prescription beta blocker, but now I am expecting and the symptoms are all back even on the medication. I hope it stops after I have the baby, but I dont just want to cover it up with medication. I would love to find out what is happening.

KTB wrote at 2014-08-31 18:29:02
Dear All,

What a wonderful online community we have here! I’m a 33yr old male with exactly the symptoms above. I get palpitations and crazy rhythms associated with bouts of gas and chest pain caused by (possibly) trapped wind.

If you’ve had your heart checked with EKG, 24hr monitor or even internal camera and nothing comes out but you still suffer then this condition or something similar is the issue.

Points to take away from this discussion:

i. It is not life threatening – There are members here in their 60s and 70s who have had this condition their whole lives. Everyone in their 20s and 30s (Such as me) can take heart(!) from that.

ii. Treatment for the pain/arhythmia seems to be home remedies including anything that helps reduce gas (E.g. Over the counter antacids) or peppermint teas, or even fasting for a period.

iii. Controlling the anxiety attacks that come with the palpitations can be dealt with using stretching, self affirmations, hypnosis, breathing and a combination or variation of these methods.

iv. Plan around your attacks and expect them. As stomach acid/digestion is the cause, keep a food diary and/or time diary of when and how they start and with which foods/times. I find eating small and regular helps, and avoiding caffeine or sugar in large amounts.

v. Get your bloodwork done if you’ve had your heart checked. This is imporant as you be be anaemic or have high cholesterol or an overactive thyroid. These are all fixable and you just need to know if you have the issue.

Would anyone out there be interested in joining a Facebook group so that we can all log on from around the world whenever we suffer from an attack and talk to one another and share symptoms and remedies?

If yes, please reply below using your full facebook name – I’ll add you on FB and then we can start it (This is because you need at least one friend as a group member and none of my friends are suferers!).

Stay well everyone.

Kind Regards,


Michele A. Vartuli wrote at 2014-09-10 09:31:00
Hi, this is my third or fourth post on this thread, and it seems that like many others here, I’m a “repeat offender”, so I’ve got some good news and some bad news to you folks, bad news first:

it is a recurrent/chronic condition (at least for some of us)


it makes you stronger (as in “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, lol)

So take the good with the bad and read on.

It’s been more than two years since my last post, and after a few other very mild instances, which didn’t really worry me at the time, here I am again, early in the morning, after waking up to a very severe (and scary) bout of arrhythmia (heart palpitations/fluttering), which is finally subsiding right now, after I took one of the “miracle medicines” I myself suggested here years ago (simethicone, two 125mg gel capsules at once) AND calming down (in which this very thread may be helping: I don’t know what does the trick, whether it’s the medicine or the calming down, but I ain’t complaining — whatever it is, such “attacks” used to torture me for more than an hour, and now they last a few minutes, tops), but what was peculiar this time was that besides the customary repeated “gut-ripping” burping (which didn’t seem to help: I felt bloated even while I was doing it) I started having hiccups as well! The strong, borderline painful kind, if you know what I mean. So I got up (lying down seems to aggravate the “symptoms”, at least in my case) and decided to check whether our old heart-fluttering thread was still growing strong… yeppers, there it was. Might as well say hello to the old gang then.

The hiccups this time may have been an extra symptom, or even panic-induced. What I can tell you is that it was no picnic. Have you ever tried burping while hiccuping? It ain’t pretty.

Maybe someone should produce one of those ubiquitous British banners for people like us, with KEEP CALM AND BURP ON, or KEEP CALM AND SIMETHICONE written on it. Well, now that I’m awash in the bliss of NOT feeling my heart beating (because it’s beating normally again), I’d like to share a helpful thought with whomever may be reading this right now, sweating and scared, feeling their heart performing a very unwelcomed rendition of the rumba or the calypso: I’m from Brazil, and over here we had, a few years ago, a vice-president who, throughout his two terms in office (and even for years before that), was fighting against a very vicious cancer. He smiled and worked his way through the ordeal, leading a very productive life, and when the disease finally took him, after countless surgeries and chemo sessions, he was old and regarded by all as a fighter and a role model. When asked where did he find the strength to keep smiling and being positive, facing such hardships, he once answered: “If God decides that it’s time for me to go, no treatment in the world will be able to save me. On the other hand, if God decides that my time hasn’t come yet, no cancer in the world will be able to kill me.”

Oooorrrr, if you’re an atheist, you can think of a video I saw once, on one of those “bizarre videos” shows on TV: it was about a man, in Thailand I think, who had been living for years on a steady diet of engine grease and burnt motor oil. You should see him gobbling that oil and eating that goop on a bun. Well, if he didn’t drop dead, why should you? Cheer up. As for me, I think I’ll stick with the late VP José Alencar’s words.

That’s it. I think I’ll try to lie down and catch a few more Z’s. Wishing health and peace of mind to you all!

Jutta wrote at 2014-09-21 23:16:34
Wow, I have been to many anxiety forums – something almost all of us have in common here – and now I know that I am not crazy about the gas-palps relationship. I heard about the vagus nerve theory as well and it makes sense to me as the pressure I feel going down the left side of my neck and then the constant belching fit the puzzle. Anyway, I am 55 (female) and was diagnosed with arrythmia (which is apparently normal for me….and now my 18-year-old son too) 35 years ago and when I was in my mid-twenties they added the generalized anxiety issue. Not fun but still battling it on a now weekly to monthly basis.

My heart palps symptoms may go away for a month and then come back. I am taking Hawthorne capsules and the palps have slowed down a great deal, and the divorce helped too  🙂  –> but now that I know I am starting from scratch again I feel more anxious than ever but I am still kicking. I try to meditate my special way on a daily basis and that is all I can do now. We need to relax. I also exercise, I work a very physical job and lift weights and the palps only rarely happen during such exercise and then I usually release them by burping. We are NOT crazy.

Sorry one of you in the previous posts got laughed at by your doctor. They don’t know everything all the time.

I hope you all are well. I will keep following this post!

Garry wrote at 2014-10-20 18:43:41
Hi, I thought I’d add to this surprisingly long list of folks suffering from the same condition. I too have these symptoms and like the rest of you I get pretty worried at times, where the night is the worst. However I realised that it was somehow linked to my stomach as I was getting bloating etc and thought I’d try a special diet of nothing but fresh vegetable / fruit juices for 5 days like the one from the film “Fat sick & nearly dead” (brilliant film) anyway…. after 5 days I felt fantastic, no bloating, no trapped wind and no palpitation for the whole 5 days on the diet. after a month or back on normal diet again I started getting bloated again and then….. the palpitations started again. So it looks like I will be going back on the juice diet again and looking to amend my diet permanently plus lose a wee bit of weight into the bargain 🙂 Hope you are all doing ok now

Misty wrote at 2014-11-17 01:18:09
I’ve been experiencing the palps along with the relief from “belching” too for the past several yrs.. In ’09, I was convinced I had a heart problem until I went to the Dr and received an echo cardiogram. It came back normal which was a huge relief. I believe my anxiety was adding to the severity of the palps. Now I still get them, however not as often. But they still scare me!  I went to the Dr the past wk and received omeprazole. I’ve been taking it for 3 days. Seems to help my indigestion a bit but now I’m worried because it’s keeping me from burping, which is what stops my palps! I tend to be a worrier, which I’m sure causes some symptoms in my own mind.. Any one else taken this medication and received good results?

hellothere wrote at 2014-11-22 03:11:41

I have the same thing; palpitations, GERD and burping (which provides some relief).  I am so thankful to have found this forum.

To the poster above, my dr prescribed Omeperazole years ago for my GERD.  I wasn’t having these kinds of symptoms yet, tho. I am really supposed to keep taking the Omeperazole for my GERD, but I also take Zoloft and I’m afraid taking the two medications together will cause Serotonin syndrome.  (I’m not much help, I know!)  Afraid, afraid, afraid… I think this is a recurring theme on this forum.  I know it is for me anyways.  I do think you should keep on the Omeperazole, though.  Please tell me how it is going for you!

I have to take a test this weekend and find out if I have a H pylori/peptic ulcer.  Then I will really be forced to finally confront my fears and take the damn Omeperazole and possibly a slew of other meds to cure it.

Looking forward to the update… thanks to everyone who contributes here!

Ahmed wrote at 2014-12-25 09:24:32
Well I am glad to see you all here but feel sorry for your suffering.

Basically, I feel a palpitation which freaks me out each and every time. Once I was checking my pulse and it happened by chance and I noticed my pulse skipped a beat as the “palpitation” occurred.

I have had this for 2 years now. The first time I noticed it I panicked and ran to the doctor.

After that I learned to calm down but it is not any less scary even after knowing I will live. It also seems to happen more often she I am scared like on an airplane (yes, I am an extremely anxious flyer)

In fact, trapped gas was the FIRST thing the doctors in Egypt say it is. They put me on Nexium to control my bowel and MALOX for the heart burn and Simethicone.

The Simethicone seems to work well.

I stopped the Nexium because of costs and I also replaced the MALOX with a effervescent called FAWAR which is basically: Sod Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid… A sachet of that after each meal and I could almost guarantee not to have these “palpitations”.

So I also have some harsh heart burn almost every day and take ranitidine for it. But in most cases MALOX works fine for both heart burn AND the trapped wind.

Simethicone seems to work great but the most important testament by far is not eating the things that cause it.

For me it is Mayonaise, marshmallow and gummee bears 😦

I THINK garlic also get’s me…

Just today a doctor friend told me I probably have ectopic heart beats… but HEY, I INSIST that it is the trapped gas causing them.

Good luck from Egypt everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Ben wrote at 2014-12-26 21:15:37
Hi all great thread.

I too seem to have this strange heart/wind related effect. Usually it strikes after eating or when going to bed.

When it happens its usually accompanied by a shot of adrenaline going directly into my blood stream. The only way to alleviate this symptom is to burp which is my case can be quite difficult to do. I usually do a little bit of exercise with my upper body sitting up in bed. After a few minutes the wind is released and I can go back to bed.

I’ve gone to the doctors with complaints of issues with my heart and weird stomach issues. All I get are quizzical looks and a slightly condescending slap down. Some doctors huh not even listening to symptoms just because its not in THEIR sphere of knowledge. Truthfully GPs or your run of the mill doctor will have little to no in-depth knowledge of any given topic. To get to the bottom of this issue you would need to talk with a specialist.

My Granny a nurse used to call this “Embarrassment of the heart” she suffered from a hiatus hernia and I have my own suspicions on that front. From what I can tell its build up of wind twinging the venal nerve which can cause dodgy heart effects which ultimately have no effect on our health. They only panic us :D.

Tbh I think the key is eating the right things at the right times. Eat little and often rather than big meals. Big meals are certain to cause problems in my experience. Truthfully I would try my very hardest to simply endure and avoid ANY drug given to me. They often cause more problems than they solve.

For example guys AVOID TOAST in the mornings. At night its fine, but toast tea combo in morning is a big no no.

After adopting a more conservative eating stratagem/diet I’ve had distinctly reduced symptom which rarely occur and when they do not with any great potency.

Anyway this is from a 24 year old. You can imagine my panic at having “Heat Problems” at my age and then finding out through process of elimination that it was nothing to worry about. Just a chronic issue I have to deal with thankfully.

ProudlySouthAfrican wrote at 2015-01-19 05:16:56
What a relief! Thank you for sharing your experiences! For the past week or so, I have been feeling like I am going crazy due to all the symptoms you guys described above! After battling with my mind as to what could be causing this – I decided to “google” the symptoms and allas…there are many of ‘us’ out there and it really feels good to know this.

What I am not hearing though from your posts is the ‘accompanying farting’ that also seems to be helpful in relieving the symptoms. So I basically burp and fart a lot in order to feel better. Does anyone experience this a well? The palpitations can be very scary though!

Loving you all and wishing you a healthy 2015!

Donald wrote at 2015-02-01 12:29:36

I have had palps and missed beats on and off for all of my life including panic attacks. What to do about the missed beats and palps is well dealt with, but the panic attacks–what is the cure for them. Forget about relaxing, deep breathing, thinking positively, relaxing pills etc etc.  they dont work because they don’t address the fear of having a panic attack.  Dr Claire weeks wrote a book called “More help for your nerves” in which she,in relation to panic atacks,began by listing all the symptoms that we all feel with a panic attack such as racing heart,tingling all over,shaking, dizzy, the lot. She then explained that they were all caused by the release of adrenalin into the bloodstream as a result of the fear of having a panic attack.(YOU ARE IN FEAR OF THE FEAR) Then said that, although very uncomfortable,they will not do you any harm. Your heart could race for a week without doing itself any harm. The next time you feel an attack coming on, instead of saying OMG here we go again, say to yourself “come on, I’m not scared of you any more,do your worst.” The tiger that you have been so scared of for so long has suddenly become a paper tiger.Roll up your tiger and bin it. By not being scared of panic attacks you have made them powerless. After reading this i had a panic attack, but it was so mild you could scarcely say it was one.  I never had another panic attack after so many decades of them.That dear lady Dr Claire is no longer with us but I have no doubt she is enjoying a high place in that realm.

Donald wrote at 2015-02-01 13:13:20

In my thread of earlier today I mentioned a book by Dr Claire Weekes.  The name of the book should have been:”The latest help for your nerves.”

scaredmomma wrote at 2015-02-28 03:11:53
I have the same problems waking up with racing heart and body shakes sweats..then same after certain meals.. I tried sleeping on an acid reflux foam wedge pillow last night and this morning was the first time in months I slept like a baby and did not wake with scary symptoms. I don’t think I found a cure by any means but my symptoms are so debilitating to me that I’ll gladly take a night free of symptoms !! Keep that acid in your stomach…don’t let it rise to your throat and set off panic symptoms.  I get so scared being home alone with my daughter because when it hits I feel like I could pass out!

crissy wrote at 2015-04-02 19:54:18
I too suffer from this horrid condition! I am convinced I have a severe arrhythmia problem that is not found. My heart will take off, racing at 110 bpm for no apparent reason. I burp hundreds of times a day, and the skipping is so scary! I have mentioned to my husband that burping relieves the racing and skipping on most accounts… I also feel it is “top” air as in I don’t fart, but BURP. I feel lightheadedness,and like I will pass out & it is related to racing/skipping/throbbing heArt beat in my throat…definitely much worse after a meal. During episodes I am afraid, but once they are gone I can’t believe I was afraid of something I’ve gone through a million times before. My heart “flip flops” and flutters, I’ve had 2 ECGs, numerous EKGs, 2 stress tests, 2 holter monitors and all cardio blood work only being told benign PVCs and IST (Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia) of unknown cause. Had my gallbladder removed, done glucose tests, thyroid, anemia, gynecological (hormones) etc. No answers… but I can’t keep on like this!

Has ANYONE actually been diagnosed? Or found a true regime to rid yourselves of this? 2 1/5 years of my life have been stolen from me and I’m ready to take my life back!


Feel free to email me personally!

robin wrote at 2015-04-15 03:31:46
Hi, I have often felt that I have “wind around my  heart” that cause skipped heartbeats every day, skips upon changing position, bending over, shivering in the cold, being in too hot a place, skips after eating certain foods such as onions…so anyway I googled that and found an Asian massage technique called “Chi Nei Tsang” that has a technique for relieving the “wind around your heart” I ordered the book which has the technique, but now I’m searching for a practitioner of this method. I got the book for about $11 on Amazon, and its available on kindle too. I hope this helps me and I wanted to share it in case it might help someone on here too. Here’s the link to the book on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1594770557/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc;=1&  and the book is called Advanced Chi Nei Tsang Enhancing Chi Energy in the organs…and also the book is viewable in google books for free. So I have no idea if this will help but it is something I want to try.

Dennis C wrote at 2015-05-20 13:18:59
I have been experiencing skipped heartbeats, rapid shallow heartbeats, and so forth since i had a hiatal hernia. My hypothesis is that an air pocket forms in the esophagus and presses against the Vagus nerve causing the irregular heartbeats. The symptoms are worse when I have a cold that interferes with my breathing, or some other problem that causes tension in my neck muscles (stress). This in turn causes me to swallow air which is trapped in the esophagus. The only relief is to belch almost constantly. I have had this problem on a re-occurring basis for several years now and it hasn’t killed me yet.

Sir Trumpalot wrote at 2015-05-27 21:57:11
I have suffered skipped heartbeats for about 8 years which was put down to an enlarged heart ( Thickening of the left ventricle )This was put right with blood pressure tabs.Recently it started again and by coincidence I was due to go for an Abdominal Aortic Anurism test and during the test the nurse mentioned there was a lot of gas in that area but also said many people suffered this,so it looks likely this is the cause.Peppermint tea for me.Glad I stumbled on this sight.

Chriso wrote at 2015-06-07 18:19:10
I also have suffered from this intermittently for many years.  Stress tests and EKG’s all normal.  The interesting thing is that when I was pregnant it was much worse and almost constant.  It was scary enough to send me to the ER and of course they couldn’t find anything wrong.  This definitely leads me to believe that it has something to do with gas and pressure near the heart.

Hope we get some answers.

PJT wrote at 2015-06-23 13:26:36
How comforting to stumble upon this site. Like all before me on this topic, I have suffered the burps relentlessly for some years. I am a 64 year old, otherwise fit and healthy female who follows a pretty good diet generally. I too have visited the medical profession on numerous occasions and had all the heart tests, endoscopies etc to be told I swallow air, that I have a very healthy heart and to stop eating so much ‘green’ stuff!! I had told the specialist I have a green smoothie each morning – a perfectly healthy way to start the day any nutritionist would tell you! Anyway, I have managed this condition with peppermint tea, mint capsules, various chewable tablets containing simethicone as mentioned in previous posts. They all work to a degree but nothing is a cure.  Perhaps we do just swallow more air with our food, our anxieties, when we drink fluids etc and this then gets trapped in our upper airways thus pushing in some way on the heart area causing those unnerving flutters. I don’t get palpatations very often, more just a strange series of erratic heartbeats.

No breathlessness either as others have experienced and my symptoms can occur during the day, standing or lying down at night. No particular thing seems to bring them on they just occur. I burp constantly though and this is exhausting. I have no answers I’m afraid other than to say I don’t believe our affliction is going to kill us and for those of you with the anxiety attacks as well ((I suffered these in my early 20’s), you will not die of these either. Don’t be afraid of them, tell yourself to just let them ride over you and that you are not going to pay them much attention. Take some lovely deep breaths and think of beautiful things and they will disappear. Do not be afraid of them, most important.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. A problem shared really is a problem nearly solved!!

Jo g wrote at 2015-07-01 17:09:24
I suffered from chronic fatigue for many years following a virus in my spinal chord.  During this time I struggled badly with trapped wind and excessive burping for years with occasional palpitations.  Then 2 years ago my heart just got stuck at 180 BPM for about an hour and I ended up in a&e.;  After lots of tests nothing was found but I still suffer from palpitations which I am convinced are due to trapped wind.  Just had some bad ones today after bending down to pick something up.  Took a windeze which does seem to help and after some back patting and burps am back to normal now.  Dr doesn’t agree that trapped wind is the cause so am pleased to know I’m not going mad and that other people think the same

EricR wrote at 2015-07-28 08:54:31
I’m male 62 and have had this off and on since Adam was a boy. It unfortunatly has come back with a vengeance the last three days making sleeping difficult. It’s interesting to note that many other people share exactly the same symptoms…..fluttering heart, missing beats all accompanied by excess wind and burping. I would have imagined that the medical profession would know exactly what was happening and be able to suggest a remedy. But this appears not to be the experience of all of the people posting here. For older people it’s not so scary, but for younger people who are possibly experiencing it for the first time it can be a very terrifying experience. It’s good to hear the experiences of others and the suggested treatments. It would be great if someone was able to find the definitive treatment as this would be boon to so many people, and lessen the great amount of anxiety this condition causes. Best of luck to all fellow sufferers.

Michele A. Vartuli wrote at 2015-07-28 11:35:41
Hello gals and guys,

I just wanted to share some thoughts this time (BTW, no arrhythmia at all for more than a year now… even eating a lotta cheese and… well, eating a lot in general – I need to lose some weight)… Okay, even though the name of the site is allexperts, most people who posted answers here are NOT experts, but I’m sure this thread has already helped a LOT of people and will keep helping many more. Especially considering probably not everyone who reads it posts something, and look how many posts it’s got. We’re not doctors, we’re not experts, but we’re the people who actually live(d) with this condition, so we’re the ones most interested in it. Reading several answers, I’ve noticed that there isn’t one single sure-fire “cure” or remedy to alleviate the symptoms. Some say don’t eat cheese, some say don’t eat a lot before bed, some say lose weight, eat this, don’t eat that. But some things seem to be common denominators, IMHO. Here they are:

1) The arrhythmia seems to be sensitive to body position. Mine was worse lying down and depending on my movements. The best I could do to soothe it was pace up and down.

2) Even though there’s no single remedy, SOMETHING usually will help a lot. In my case (and many others’), it’s simethicone. You should give it a shot, because it’s an inert drug, not even a drug actually, because it isn’t absorbed by the body. It just breaks the surface tension on bubbles and that helps releasing gas. Also, try changing what, when or how you eat.

3) Please CALM DOWN!!! Freaking out will only make your heart beat like crazy for longer. This thing won’t kill you. It WON’T! Especially if you have been to a heart doctor and they ran a lot of tests and said you’re fine, then trust me, YOU’RE FINE, even with the arrhytmia. Because heart conditions are very well established and no doctor worth their salt would want to lose their malpractice insurance by letting something serious slip by. So… KEEP CALM AND SIMETHIC ON (Sorry, I had to do it)

This is the first time I post something here when I’m not having a bout of arrhythmia. I’m fine. And like you, I used to be very scared. So trust me, you’re not alone. All the people who posted something here did it to comfort you, to make you feel better. You will get through this. By all means go to the doctor, or get a second opinion if you want, but please stay calm. Don’t live in fear, that’s suffering without a reason. I wish you health and all the best.

ozzie50 wrote at 2015-08-11 22:03:17
I’ve been experiencing these irregular heart beats (PVC’s) for years now. I’ve ended up in the ER several times and have had all the tests which always came up normal. I quit all stimulants including aspirin, caffeine, and especially chocolate. Chocolate would always cause bad cases of PVC’s. But I would still have these occasional episodes of irregular heartbeats. I was becoming very desperate and I was praying to God for a solution to this problem, then about 6 months ago I come across this web site. After reading the above posts I realized my whole problem was air building up in my chest. I first started drinking a cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda when I started feeling the PVC’s to help me burp up the trapped air and they would stop immediately. Now I can just force a burp to stop them. I haven’t had any problems in the last 6 months. Simethicone is also helpful to release the trapped air if burping alone doesn’t work, although the baking soda with water seemed to work quicker for me. I am very grateful for the people that posted on this site. It has really made life a lot more pleasurable for me not having to suffer with these PVC’s. Good luck everyone. I pray you can find the same relief that I have. I know what you are going through.

ozzie50 wrote at 2015-08-11 23:44:51
I forgot to mention in my previous post that trapped air could be caused by a hiatal hernia. I was diagnosed with a small one, but my brother had a huge one and was having PVC’s for hours at a time without relief until he had surgery on the hernia. He hasn’t had any problems since. If you are having bad irregular heartbeats, consider having an endoscopy if your heart checks out ok.

CristyRob wrote at 2015-09-23 23:13:20
I so appreciate everyone posting and especially those who have provided follow up comments about treatments, updates etc.I started having palpitations about two

Years ago which I believe started due to perimenopause. Had the full cardio workup; stress test, echo, blood tests and everything was great. But I still hate them. They are distracting, make me tired and worried. I have just noticed recently (that’s why I’m here) that I am very belchy when I’m having days of palpitations. Thank you everyone! I’m going to analyze my eating and see if that’s a trigger. Maybe get my iron checked and relax!

dannybhanvra wrote at 2015-10-11 23:04:38
I get the same thing if I drink alcohol when I wake up if I turn on a side my heart go’s rappid and feel abit dizzy… I also get really bad when I don’t eat at all I get really bad intergestion feeling even tho I haven’t eaten feel dizzy.. and when I get the palps it feels like gas in my body to the point I can’t burp can anybody help thanks

Mike wrote at 2015-10-14 22:28:58
I have been dealing with this for years. I have had several cardiologists and Gastro people. Today I went to a bariatric surgeon and he recommended that I have my Gall Bladder removed? I have to say that it has gradually gotten worse over the past 20 years to the point where my heart is seriously compromised. For me this definitely coiincides with stress. I once had a colonoscopy that showed my lower intestines had red rings around the inside and were ringing up like a wet rag cutting off all ability to pass anything. This in turn forces everything up, including any air which is trapped. They gave me medication to relax me as a whole and levbid to relax my intestines. This, I believe has kept me if not alive….sane! There are actually pictures of this online. Actual x-rays of a large bubble pressing on the heart area. I cannot find it now but have it saved on my desk top somewhere I think. It is so severe now that it is putting pressure on head as if the oxygen is not getting to my brain. I, however am very stressed right now. Clonazapan, Levbid and Simethicone is all I can recommend. that and yoga and excercise Keeping the lower end moving often times causes more problems than it remedies but I also take pysllium husk. Sorry about all spelling errors. Anybody interested in starting a facebook or other support page??? Thanks, Mike

Michele A. Vartuli wrote at 2015-10-24 18:14:43
Hi Crissy,

hope you’re doing well. I just read your post on the Heart Fluttering & Gas “forum” and I thought I’d drop you a line to share my experience. Even though I haven’t been diagnosed and I can’t claim I know a cure for this condition, I hope this may help you believe that, whatever this is, it isn’t fatal regardless of the seriousness and scariness of the symptoms. By the way, I’m kinda easily impressed by anything relating to heart disease (for instance, I never watch anything on TV about heart attack symptoms & the like, because I know I’ll begin feeling those symptoms – pathetic huh?), so if you’re like me and you’re feeling fine now, maybe you shouldn’t read this email right away and save it instead for your next panic attack (may it never come!). I’ve only read the forum on allexperts.com when I was having a heart-fluttering “crisis”, and it always helps calm me down, so I don’t know whether reading it when I feel okay would trigger the symptoms.

Well, some background about me: I live in the south of Brazil, I’m 49 (almost 50), male (don’t get confused by my name), divorced, no kids, I work at home as a translator and even though I’ve been more active years ago, going to the gym, running etc., I’m now veeery sedentary and kinda out of shape. I have high blood pressure but I’ve been on medication for it  for several years. After experiencing some alarming back pains I decided to go to the heart doctor, and he prescribed me a slew of exams: ecocardiogram, EKG, MAPA (kinda like the Holter but it only monitors blood pressure), exercise test, plus a lotta blood work (cholesterol, glicose, triglicerides, etc.) I have to see him on Monday about the blood tests that weren’t ready yet,  but he looked at all the other exams and he said I was okay. His exact words were: “You’re in no risk of dying of a heart attack.” Great news, right? By the way, I mentioned the heart fluttering problem to him in my first visit, but he said nothing about it. He said the medication I’m taking helps prevent that, too.

So after I was through with my exams I came home and almost immediately caught a vicious flu, like I’ve never experienced, I think. Usually I get phlegm, sneezing and a running nose but I don’t feel so bad, so I can’t even tell whether it’s the flu or just a cold. But this time I just coughed and coughed, a dry, “unfulfilling cough” – maybe you know the kind – which made my head feel like it was gonna explode; my nose was dry, I didn’t even lose my sense of smell, but I began to feel more and more awful, as if someone had hit me repeatedly with a two-by-four. I’ve spent two days feeling miserable, sleeping a lot and eating very little. I was worried about getting weak and feeling even worse, so on a whim I decided it’d be a good idea to have some cappuccino – something warm to ease my sore throat, right? So I bought a can of cappuccino powder and since yesterday I’ve taken three or four mugs of the dreadful concoction. I’m only telling you this because I suspect it may have something to do with what happened afterwards.

Well, what happened is that since this morning, about four hours ago, I’ve been having maybe the longest bout of heart fluttering I’ve ever experienced – after months of not having any serious one. My heart skips and skips beats (it’s doing that even while I’m writing to you), my hands are kinda tingly… well, you know how it is. I’ve tried all my “magic tricks”: laying down, standing up, sitting, staying still, moving, and I’ve taken simethicone and an antacid equivalent to Alka-Seltzer (oh, and of course I’m burping like crazy – not that I can do anything about it anyway). I’ve also taken my heart medication earlier and I’ve eaten a bit, thinking maybe it could be low blood sugar or something. To no avail. Occasionally I start sweating too (but I think that’s just the anxiety), and to make matters worse, I occasionally feel chest pains (but since I’m all sore inside from the dry cough, I don’t know whether that’s relevant). So believe me, right now I feel your pain when you talk about wanting your life back.

I have a few certainties – first, I’m gonna mention this to the doctor on Monday, but I’m almost certain he’ll shrug it off. It’s crazy, but I kinda wish this would go on until Monday, because it’s something he can pick up on his stethoscope – I wanna see him ignore THAT! Second, fortunately I really believe this isn’t fatal, because I’ve experienced it other times and I’m still around. But it is really scary and annoying – right now I”m more pissed off about it than scared, to be honest. I mean, I don’t think I’m more afraid of death than the average guy, but I don’t wanna live in fear; that’s what made me go see the heart doctor in the first place. If he can’t help me with that (not living in fear), I don’t think he’s done his job.

On the other hand, I was thinking – the heart fluttering alone isn’t exactly impossible to ignore. When I’m busy with something, like writing to you now, I have to check whether I’m still having it. So what if this thing is more frequent than it seems, and I only make it worse when I notice it and begin paying attention to it? But if it was that frequent, shouldn’t it have shown up on the EKG?

Crissy, if you allow me one well-meaning piece of advice, it’s this: do not set the diagnosis as a condition for your happiness. For all we know, doctors may never reach a verdict on that (our “forum” is running since 2008 and no one has written to tell they’ve been diagnosed yet), so we can’t wait holding our breath. The important thing is to be fine and to manage the symptoms – especially those that seem to be anxiety-related. I know it’s easier said than done (right now I’m feeling it, too), but I’m telling you this as much to convince you as to convince myself.

I’m sorry to impose such a long message on you. I hope it can help you or comfort you in some small way. May you live well and happy for many and many decades.

Sincerely yours,

Michele A. Vartuli

P. S. I’m gonna post this on the forum too, on the off chance that it can help at all anyone else 🙂

Shar wrote at 2015-11-15 04:13:06
I received a diagnosis Of this common problem from my acupuncturist and chiropractor.  It primarily starts in the stomach region.  It’s either from gas from eating foods you are sensitive to or acid reflux (which can be silent too) but when it crosses the vagus nerve it can produce gas and spasms.  The gas will obviously push against your organs thus the thumps.  The irregularity and skipped beats are the hearts normal function to get back to equilibrium.  The deep down burps get rid of mine immediately.  An acupuncturist can release the vegus nerve immediately through the gall bladder channel…google it. The chiropractor will adjust your neck (in the cervical area) in which it relieves pressure off the vagus nerve, easy full proof relief. I use baking soda to enhance burping 1/4 teaspoon 4-6 ounces of water which also alkalines your Ph. I use Braggs apple cider vinegar to neutralize acid reflux…Google it.  I use Gas X 2 gelatin tabs if I have them.  If I feel it coming on as it starts like a flutter in the stomach first, I move around.  Walk it off and try to get that burp out with remedies from above.  Remember chill out! Stress will increase the acid production in stomach that is why the episodes last a little longer.  I use to fight these gas palps panics but now I talk to them and say to myself, ” bring it on…hurry up…I have things to do” and the panic never gets worse (remember the more you resist the episode the more it persists) while my body rids of the gas.  Another thing to remember.  The majority of us don’t have good digestion.  You have to eliminate trigger foods and beverages like gluten because white bread and unhealthy carbs causes

gas!!!! Chocolate, alcohol and raw foods do the same.  Take a probiotic daily to get your gut flora balanced because these palps start in the gut.  Eat small meals and eat slow…really slow.  If you are over weight loss it! I rarely get them now but they are always triggered by eating too fast, soda and stress. We live in a world that is giving us nothing but poison and our poor bodies are sending signals to us with these triggers to help us not hurt us.  We are never meant to eat the foods today, period.  We are supposed to be active, drink good clean water, nuts, beans, veggies, some fruits and organic meats with healthy grains like gluten free oatmeal, quinoa, kaput, ezikual bread…grain that still have nutrition. Everything now us just chemicals, pesticides, hormones, sugar and fake white flour all which thrash the digestion and cancer thrives on sugar too.  All diseases start the gut.  Just my opinion but I beat this or rather understand it so it doesn’t scare me and I control it easily. This won’t kill you but you will have to change your diet to get rid of it.

FRO11 wrote at 2016-02-02 16:02:59
I have had sever problems of this variety including having vision problems, pains up my neck. shooting pains in my head and palpitations. All of this goes away when I stick my stomach out like I am pregnant and I hear the massive bubble drop down. Of course it then goes right back up. If you research the internet there are many photos of this. Ii is impossible to get a doctor to do anything about it it becasue they do not want to acknowledge a problm that they have no solution for. I have been everywhere including the Cleveland Clinic. I have had doctors say “If it is true, what do we do about it? My reply is, “I don’t know. You are the damn doctor.” We should start a movement:) There is thousands of us and maybe someone would listen! Gastro Palpitations! It is just plain scary and frustrating! I will say that many of these problems arise only when I am stressed. I actually have a colonoscopy that shows red rings around the inside of my colon. This is a restriction that does not allow the gas and or matter to pass thus forcing it upward! This comes and goes as it was not shown on my last test. It is negligent to thinnk that all of this is not possible as did the last stomach surgeon I went to in Columbuis Ohio. You see, the stomach colon are separated from your heart by your diaphram. The heart rests on top of the diaphram. So if there is a large gas bubble it is only logical to understand the it is pushing the diaphram up and pressing on your heart!

FRO11 wrote at 2016-02-03 17:18:21
This is a HUGE help and is my answer!

Although I have noticed that REx does not publish answers that do not follow common medical belief!


C-Bear wrote at 2016-03-01 10:16:18
This has had me so scared.

I must admit, when my heart started to go crazy around Christmas time (I’m 35) I thought it was the end for me. It started off as a feeling that I have no name for…I was laying on my side in bed with hubby, watching t.v., when I felt a heat across my face, then a feeling that if I stayed laying down, something bad would happen. My body made me move, and it was then I could feel my heart rate picking up…and up and up. I started walking, anywhere, walking, panic, walking, heart getting faster, walking up and down the front room, into the kitchen, turn on the taps, splash water on my face, anything to calm me down. I start screaming for my son, sure I’m dying, this is it, want to say bye to my kids before I pass out and my heart explodes……My son comes down, age 16, he’s slowly talking to me, calls me a silly tart (love that boy) and he’s holding my hand, trying to make me laugh. He’s talking so calmly I start to take in what he’s saying, and then he asks his dad to call an ambulance, (Dad has been doing the same as son, trying to calm me, but then my youngest girls got scared and he raced to let them know to stay upstairs) Paramedics come, see my crappy pyjamas, (I digress lol) and they monitor my heart for a good ten minutes. I tell them it must have been a panic attack, have never had one before, My mum used to get them though, never knew how evil it could be to not be in control.

They say everything is fine, I’m fine, but if I would like I could go into hospital to be monitored, I asked their opinion, and they said they believe it was a one off.

Anyhoo, since then, probably about 8 times all in all since Chrimbo, have had this awful feeling come over me at random times, of impending doom in my gut, like a heavy weight is settling there, and its telling me “Yep, gonna crank up your heart a few notches, d’you mind?”

And off it goes, speeding into oblivion, leaving me feeling terrified, knowing full well I should control the fear, but no matter what I try to do, read, play my candy crush on me kindle, do anything but pay attention to this horrible fast heart and gut feeling of evil, I am just sucked into the fear,until I let one rip massively, I mean, a fifty five stone man couldn’t do louder ones than this gal! I’ve always been a musical tooter but JEEBUS! I burp, something I can’t force sadly, it makes my heart feel funny if I try to force a burp, but you lot on here, honestly, many of you won’t know how much calmer you have made me just by saying the same things have happened to you. I still have this block, in my chest, its horrible, like its lying dormant all the time right in the centre of my chest, always there, feels like its waiting for me to make one wrong move to set me off.

I am mum to four kids, and I would do anything to get rid of this awful fear, fear that I’m going to have an attack in front of them and panic. It spaces you out, and man, the tiredness afterwards!!!! My heart went crazy for about five minutes (felt like hours!) yesterday, and left me so weak, I could barely do my kids lunches!

I am starting to take iron tablets, as while my kids eat well, I don’t, I nibble here and there and survive on Fruit gums, (they are going! I’ve noticed a few people say gummy sweets can cause this, maybe ’cause when you chew loads you take in loads of air?) I don’t know, but I was worried it was all the tablets I used to be on, ie codeine and tramadol for my back.

Anyone else had this after taking those meds?

Sorry, waffled on wayyyy too much, love, relief and gassy hope to all! xxxxxxx C-Bear.

Disheartened wrote at 2016-03-04 00:46:21

You should be put on a heart monitor for a few days or weeks.  Just to be sure.

I have been dealing with the same problem for about 7 years now.  It is terrifying and debilitating. I wish there was some sort of treatment that could keep it in check and when I read the comments from those who are in their 70’s and still struggling with this I feel helpless and hopeless.


Jackie wrote at 2016-03-09 05:56:45
Omg I am so grateful to have found this site, this is the first one I have found where people are experiencing the same symptoms as me and now I know I am not alone  I have had this problem for years I am 53 now and I have always known my heart flutters as I call them was due to trapped wind, having read all the posts on here my experiences have been exactly the same I have had various heart tests over the years and all come back ok but mention to the doctor u think trapped wind might be the cause and they want to lock you away in a loony bin. As I have been getting these symptoms for a while now they don’t panic me anymore I know after a good burp all will be restored back to normal!! I use to run round the house or garden like a nutter or splash cold water on my face trying to get it to stop that is just panic and the flight response kicking in but I’m more calm about the whole situation now as I think if it was going to kill me it would have done so by now!!! I also have trouble going to toilet (number 2s) I can go up to a week sometimes and this also affects my body and my heart seems all over the place but as soon as I have gone to the loo im fine again.  Also stress and anxiety make it worse as do certain foods ie cheese some veggies but hopefully this site will reassure a lot of people who felt as though no one was taking this seriously or thought they were the only ones.  I seriously  think the medical world need to look into this symptom more. Hope this helps you.

Wesley wrote at 2016-03-16 05:37:35
Coconut oil, seriously

No eating 4 hours prior to bed , no eating means do not eat anything. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to everything you eat , you can add it to coffee, tea any beverage . I’ve been dealing with this a long time I had a few great days in a row last week and tonight was going to be rough so I thought on what I was doing last week , it was the coconut oil, I took some earlier and felt better after about 30 to 45 min

Luciano wrote at 2016-04-02 02:12:16
First of all, thank you all for your posts. I always come back to here and read what others wrote to clam me down when I’m having an episode.

I’m male. 43 yo 185 lbs excellent shape and very active.

About five years ago a wicked evil Doctor put me on a whopping dose of atenolol 100mg. (Beta blocker) to help control my blood pressure. I never had any problems with my heart before.

About a year ago, my new Vegan girlfriend convinced me to get off all of man’s medications and eat better to control my bp.

Long story short, a month later I was in an ambulance with a 160 bpm and bp of 197/120. Stroke level. All of my heart tests at the hospital came back fine.

I’m no longer with that girl.

I’m back on atenolol 50mg and lisinipril 10 mg to actually control my bp. I don’t have the pounding heart palps anymore thanks to the atenolol, but a do get that sinking chest feeling with heart skips accompanied by, you guessed it, buuuuuurps.

Some days I only feel a few when or after I eat. Or haven’t eaten all night and lay on my lounge chair. Other times it will go on for three hours, every minute or so, alerting me to the fact I could die an any second. Which hasn’t happened FYI.

The worst thing is, I’m a professional opera singer. That’s my life, my income. So my daily job entails me to exert tremendous pressure on my diaphragm and Vagas nerve for hours on end, every day. So my episodes often are witnessed by thousands of people, unknowingly. Let that sink in.

I upped my omeprazole to 40mg like the previous writer mentioned a few days ago and have had a great response. Also the Simethicone is good in a pinch. I’ll be making a doctors appointment soon to determine how long I can take that stuff. But the last couple weeks were so bad, I had to try something.

My mother had an operation for afib in her late 60s. Curiously, my father never ate cheese. He said he just didn’t like the taste, but I’m willing to bet there was more to it. And he burped all the time. I never put two and two together till I read some of your posts.

The only other advice I can give is keep calm y’all. This isn’t the end.

David wrote at 2016-05-09 04:47:03
Thank you all. Woke at 2.14 am with the sensations you’ve all experienced, it is now past 5 am. Done all the burping and the like, not feeling too bad. I started experiencing this about 2 months ago and noticed it was relieved by losing internal combustion, but like most of you I thought it was a heart problem. After plucking up the courage to search on line for an answer (I really didn’t want to face the truth) I found you lot. I am not a believer but something or someone has steered me in your direction, I wish I could shake you all by the hand. The relief I am feeling is fantastic, that is not to say I am happy other people are experiencing this awful affliction but the fact that you are all so positive in your own individual ways and fighting to overcome the nightmare. I will follow this site with great interest and I wish you all success in your fight to beat this menace. Ultimately I wish you all peace and happiness. Thank you again for sharing.

Doug wrote at 2016-05-11 13:50:09
I find that when I start to feel it, I force myself to cough which brings it back into rhythm right away. My bouts usually last only about 10 – 20 seconds. Soon afterward the gas starts to flow. In my case it is usually after eating a product with wheat. Hope this helps others.

If you’ve read this far down, please, please, PLEASE add your comments clicking on the word balloon on top! Thanks!

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E tenho dito.

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É o fim do mundo chegando (tô precisando ficar só)

É o fim do mundo chegando (tô precisando ficar só)

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É o fim do mundo chegando (tô precisando ficar só)

É o fim do mundo chegando (tô precisando ficar só)

É o fim do mundo chegando (tô precisando ficar só)

E eu tô legal

Minhas sinceras desculpas ao REM. Para ouvir a versão original, clique aqui.

Muitos grupos e músicos estão buscando formas alternativas de distribuir seus trabalhos. As vendas pela Internet, ou até mesmo downloads gratuitos para quem baixa, financiados pelo tráfego gerado, estão crescendo. Acho tudo muito legal, mas tenho algo a dizer. E vou dizer agora. Lá vai: sinceramente, eu acho que já contribuí o suficiente, de forma compulsória, para a indústria cultural mundial, principalmente o cancro peçonhento conhecido como indústria fonográfica, que agora está moribundo, consumido pela própria cupidez desenfreada. Lembro que uma vez, algumas décadas atrás, acometido por momentânea depressão, entrei numa loja e saí de lá minutos depois com uns 30 CDs. Devo ter gastado o que equivaleria hoje a uns mil reais numas bolachinhas cujo valor material não alcançaria, na melhor das hipóteses, dez mangos. Tudo isso para ter o privilégio de ouvir a música que eu quisesse. Agora aturo diuturnamente a música que não quero ouvir (com a popularização das aparelhagens de som potentes, estamos todos à mercê dos símios portadores de RG que andam por aí ouvindo o sambanejo/forrogode/funkaxé/merdalixo que estiver “bombando” no momento), e quanto às que eu quero ouvir… como é mesmo, Raulzito? Nóis num vamo pagá nada / Nóis num vamo pagá nada / É tudo free / Tá na hora / É tudo free / Vamo embora! É isso mesmo. Não pago mais porra nenhuma. Baixo tudo de graça e compartilho mesmo. O compartilhamento, também chamado de peer-to-peer, P2P, file sharing, etc., apesar da pecha de “pirataria”, NÃO É e nunca vai ser crime. Aliás, depois de ver um bandido salafrário e sem honra se promovendo na aba do combate à pirataria, chego a achar que ser “pirata” é uma honraria.

A verdade é que, apesar da (ou até graças à) Internet, quem tem que ficar famoso continua ficando, quem tem que fazer sucesso ou ganhar dinheiro continua conseguindo ambas as coisas. A única que parece estar se coçando e se incomodando com a nova ordem mundial é a indústria da mídia. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Traduzindo em bom português: tá morrendo, fia? Já vai tarde.

Quando eu tinha seis ou sete aninhos (ou seja, uns 40 anos atrás) e morava na Itália, meu pai comprou um gravador cassete. Como o da foto abaixo, ele tinha um botão redondo de fogão no meio para selecionar as funções Rewind, Stop, Play ou Fast Forward, e um botão de pressão, de alarmante cor vermelha, exclusivamente para a portentosa função Rec.

Para gravar, era preciso girar o botão redondo até a posição “Play” e ao mesmo tempo apertar o botão vermelho “Rec”. O autor do blog de onde retirei a foto acima escreve que a lembrança que ele tem da operação de um aparelho parecido com esse numa idade bem tenra, mais do que visual, é táctil: o esforço necessário para apertar os botões “Play” e “Rec” ao mesmo tempo, a dificuldade para travar o aparato puramente mecânico que dava início à gravação, e a memória da dor latente causada pelo ocasional uso de força excessiva na manobra. Minhas lembranças mais vívidas do uso do gravador são exatamente iguais.

Apesar disso, aos meus olhos de então, o aparelhinho era um milagre da tecnologia correspondente ao que um tablet deve representar para uma criança de hoje. O gravador nunca foi oficialmente “meu”, era de toda a família (na época, praticamente não existia o conceito de aparelhos eletrônicos “pessoais” – ninguém dizia “minha TV” ou “meu rádio”, a não ser que fosse solteiro e morasse sozinho), mas até que eu o monopolizava bastante. Ele tinha um microfone, com o qual eu brincava de gravar entrevistas, reportagens, bobaginhas assim. Mas ele também “pegava” rádio (só AM, lógico), era um radiogravador, e de vez em quando eu também gravava transmissões radiofônicas.

Não posso afirmar com exatidão, mas deve ter sido assim que gravei uma canção misteriosa, cantada num dialeto estranho e incompreensível, que eu simplesmente adorava, inicialmente com um certo sentimento de culpa ou vergonha, por achá-la bem bizarra – instrumentos de sonoridade esquisita, vocais estridentes, ritmo quase tribal… para a minha sensibilidade musical infantil e inexperiente, ela tinha algo de pré-histórico – mas, com o passar dos anos, com nostalgia e afeição auditiva cada vez maiores. Sua melodia e andamento mudavam no meio, a ponto de eu chegar a achar que fossem duas canções emendadas. No final, o locutor dizia: “Questa era la Tammu…”

A fita se desintegrou com o tempo. Ficou só a lembrança da canção e da voz do locutor, truncada no momento em que ia dizer o título. Aquela melodia, aquele canto estranho e gutural, agora, só existiam na minha cabeça. E assim foi durante anos. Décadas. O surgimento da Internet me possibilitou resgatar muitas coisas da minha meninice, por exemplo, a minissérie Pinocchio, de Luigi Comencini, que eu via na TV e que era fiel ao espírito do livro de Carlo Collodi, que não é a fofice guti-guti da versão animada e pasteurizada por Walt Disney, e sim uma apavorante história de terror, cuja finalidade era convencer as crianças das consequências funestas de matar aula (a cena em que Pinocchio e Lucignolo se transformam em burros, no livro, é de gelar o sangue). Apavorante, visceral e por isso mesmo maravilhosa e inesquecível. Mas eu fugi do assunto. O que eu queria dizer era que a Internet não podia me ajudar na busca pela canção misteriosa, porque eu não sabia nada sobre ela e nem era possível (como já fiz outras vezes com sucesso) buscar um trecho da letra no Google para descobrir seu título, autor ou intérprete – porque, como já falei, ela era cantada num dialeto incompreensível.

E assim, várias décadas se passaram, até que recentemente recebi um filme italiano para traduzir (essa é minha profissão, sou tradutor). Uma rápida olhada nas primeiras cenas revelou que se tratava de um exemplo do neo-realismo italiano, gênero que conheço bem pouco. O melhor exemplo desse gênero é o filme “Ladrões de Bicicleta”, de Vittorio De Sica, que sempre tive curiosidade de ver e até baixei da Internet há um ou dois anos, mas que estava (virtualmente) juntando poeira numa “pilha” virtual de filmes baixados e ainda não vistos.

Pensei: Não posso ver outro filme do neo-realismo italiano sem antes conhecer esse bendito “Ladrões de Bicicleta” (para as pessoas normais, cabe uma explicação: sou o que os americanos chamam de anal-retentive – por exemplo, quando gosto de um autor, às vezes cismo de ler todos os livros dele em ordem cronológica. Ou então tenho TOC mesmo). Assim motivado, finalmente fiz contato com a obra-prima de De Sica. Magistral, maravilhosa.

Mas por que estou contando isso? Porque numa cena do filme, pai e filho entram numa cantina. Nessa cantina há um grupo tocando música ao vivo. Que música eles estão tocando? A Tammu…!!! Quase caí para trás quando reconheci a melodia e a letra (que, apesar de eu não entender, também ficara gravada na minha memória).

Agora eu tinha um “gancho” para resgatar a canção das águas do Lete que ameaçavam tragá-la. Como esse filme é um dos maiores clássicos do cinema de todos os tempos, muita gente já devia tê-lo analisado à exaustão, quadro por quadro, e aquela canção certamente não teria passado despercebida. Alguém a conhecia. Ia ser difícil (pensei), mas eu ia conseguir.

Meu ponto de partida foi o site IMDB.com, Internet Movie Database, que cataloga filmes, vídeos, seriados e programas de TV do mundo todo. Além de ser bastante completo, o site oferece a possibilidade de criar fóruns individuais de discussão para cada título, e os fóruns dos títulos mais conhecidos, obviamente, são muito movimentados. Depois de localizar a página do filme de De Sica e correr os olhos pela ficha técnica, que no caso de filmes antigos nunca é muito completa, entrei no fórum correspondente e em menos de dois segundos achei um thread iniciado pela pergunta: Alguém sabe o nome do cantor no restaurante? Alguém sabia, e não só deu o nome do cantor, como o nome da canção: Tammurriata Nera!

De posse do precioso título, meu sonho de consumo seguinte era encontrar a versão que eu gravara do rádio, pois obviamente se tratava de uma canção folclórica (eu pensava) e deviam existir inúmeras versões. O melhor lugar para se buscar canções, atualmente, é o Youtube. Rumei para lá, fiz uma busca, e um dos primeiros resultados foi a canção interpretada por um grupo chamado Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare (NCCP). Como o nome parecia ser de um grupo folclórico, esse foi o primeiro vídeo que conferi, e para meu estarrecimento, deleite e quase orgasmo auditivo, ERA ELA! Era a canção, a mesma que eu ouvira tantas vezes no gravadorzinho roufenho, digitalmente imortalizada em alta fidelidade, gravada em pedra para a posteridade, eternizada para regozijo das almas sensíveis, resgatada diretamente do olvido para os ouvidos da minha, da sua, da vossa e das futuras gerações! Ó gáudio! Ó júbilo! Ó admirável mundo novo, que possui recursos assim! Bendita memória, bendito bom gosto cinematográfico e bendito transtorno obsessivo-compulsivo, que se aliaram para formar uma sólida ponte entre esse pedaço quase desarvorado da minha infância e minha vetusta e nostálgica (pré-)velhice!

Perdão pelos arroubos vernaculares, mas é que foi muita emoção mesmo. E ainda havia o bônus de finalmente desvendar a enigmática letra. A pessoa que deu o nome da canção no fórum mencionou por alto qual era o tema, e o usuário que postou o vídeo no Youtube teve o cuidado de não só montar um clipe com imagens de época relacionadas ao conteúdo da letra, como também incluí-la na forma de legendas. Mais alguns (poucos) minutos de pesquisa me levaram até a origem da canção, que não era folclórica, muito menos pré-histórica, no fim das contas, e sim um hit regional do pós-guerra: letra de Edoardo Nicolardi e música de E. A. Mario (pseudônimo do maestro Giovanni Ermete Gaeta), ambos autores já consagrados (para se ter uma ideia, Mario é autor do Piave, canção patriótica que se tornou o hino italiano por algum tempo depois da Segunda Guerra). E a letra nem era num dialeto tão obscuro assim: era napolitano mesmo. A história é a seguinte: Nicolardi era diretor administrativo de um hospital de Nápoles no imediato pós-guerra (a Segunda), e nesse hospital ocorreu um fato inusitado – uma garota italiana deu à luz um bebê negro. Todos ficaram espantados com o que de início julgaram ser uma mutação bizarra, mas logo uma explicação mais prosaica veio à tona: os soldados americanos haviam ocupado a península depois da capitulação dos fascistas, e alguns desses soldados eram negros, portanto…

Nicolardi ficou tão impressionado com o fato que, ao chegar em casa, escreveu a letra da canção, que depois ofertou ao seu amigo E. A. Mario para que a musicasse. Esse tipo de sátira não é raro no cancioneiro italiano. Outra obra-prima que todos conhecem e acham ser folclórica e antiquíssima, Funiculí Funiculà, na verdade também é um hit dialetal do final do século 19, que conta a história de um amante corneado por sua musa que resolve espairecer passeando no recém-inaugurado “funicolare” (teleférico) da cidade.

Também descobri que a NCCP é conhecidíssima: gravou a versão magistral da minha adorada canção no LP Li Sarracini Adorano Lu Sole, de 1974, e o grupo existe até hoje, com alguns membros originais. Além disso, não é exatamente um grupo folclórico ou regional, mas transita confortavelmente entre o folk, o pop e o rock. Seria o equivalente italiano, mal comparando, de um Nação Zumbi ou, ouso dizer, um Karnak. Quando eu ouvia a canção, imaginava camponeses usando roupas típicas, tocando pandeiros enfeitados com fitas ou sei lá o quê (a propósito, o título da canção significa “Tamborilada Negra” – tammurriata é um tipo de canção acompanhada por pandeiro). Qual não foi minha surpresa quando, buscando vídeos de apresentações ao vivo do grupo na época desse disco, descobri que eles eram, na verdade, uma rapaziada com um visual bem hippie (apesar dos vocais inacreditáveis).

Eu já amava a canção. Depois de finalmente entender a letra, acompanhando-a pela transcrição, captando os nuances saborosos e o ritmo contagiante e melódico do dialeto, depois de me surpreender encontrando nela tantas coisas que meu pai, que Deus o tenha, contava a respeito do sofrido dia-a-dia da guerra vivido do lado inimigo, perdedor, num país do Eixo, oprimido por um tirano lunático e jogado contra os exércitos mais poderosos do mundo – coisas como: as privações, o contrabando de suprimentos trazidos pelos americanos e que representavam verdadeiras riquezas para aqueles camponeses famintos e despossuídos, cigarros, dólares, balas, biscoitos, chocolate, comida, comida, comida, sempre e em toda parte a obsessão pela bendita comida, e no meio da letra até uma abrupta e inusitada citação de Pistol Packin’ Mama, canção americana popularizada por Bing Crosby – depois de tudo isso, aconteceu aquele raro milagre que talvez apenas as memórias auditiva/olfativa/afetiva sejam capazes de produzir: a nostalgia por um lugar ou época que jamais conhecemos.

Bem, se alguém teve a pachorra de ler este memorial até aqui, deve estar curioso(a) para conhecer a canção. Acho improvável que ouvir estes acordes pungentes ao mesmo tempo que se toma conhecimento da ironia, do humor e da poesia acre que transbordam da letra possa produzir o mesmo efeito de carregar um mistério na mente por 40 anos e um dia vê-lo serendipitosamente desvendado de um só golpe. Mas, na esperança de que esta rara joia do passado seja ao menos apreciada em sua beleza bruta e simples, tomei a liberdade de sobrepor minha tradução em português ao belo vídeo que encontrei no Youtube, e aqui ofereço, a quem quiser ouvir, esta fibra da minha alma de criança. Uma coisa positiva (sim! há algo positivo nisto, acredite) que acontece quando nossa vida passa a abranger várias décadas, é que começamos a nos sentir importantes, no sentido mais puro e despretensioso da palavra: somos mais do que um joguete da moda ou das nossas paixões mais imediatas. Nosso contexto não tem só a largura tão valorizada nesta era da informação ao alcance de todos. Ele tem profundidade também. Nós temos história. É essa a sensação que esta canção evoca em mim, e por isso ela me é tão preciosa.

Sinto uma tremenda inveja branca (para combinar com o cromatismo politicamente incorreto do tema) de quem terá a oportunidade de ouvi-la pela primeira vez. Signore e signori, questa era la Tammurriata Nera, di Edoardo Nicolardi ed E. A. Mario, interpretata dalla Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare. Buon ascolto.

Saudade do Cu Doce – Parte 2

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(Os nomes continuam trocados para proteger os inocentes.)

Lembro que o Enzo, que já mencionei, estava presente nessa reunião, mas quando um dos muitos “oradores” no palanque improvisado tomou a palavra, ele levantou e disse: “Vou embora.” Perguntei: “Mas por quê?” E ele respondeu: “Desculpa, não dá. Não vou ficar aqui ouvindo um cara que usa chapéu de lambateria!”

Alguns exemplos de chapéu de lambateria.

Esse Enzo é uma figura, uma das pessoas mais inteligentes e cultas que conheço (se não for a pessoa mais culta).  Ele também é o que os anglófonos chamam de opinionated: tem suas opiniões e não abre mão delas, mesmo respeitando as alheias. Ávido leitor, é a única pessoa que conheci até hoje capaz de 1) sempre ler os livros que lhe são emprestados (convenhamos que isso de emprestar livro, “leia, você vai adorar”, é como empurroterapia de farmácia, extremamente antiético e arriscado para quem aceita), 2) devolver um tomo dizendo que não gostou depois de tê-lo lido até o fim (sem xingar quem o emprestou) e 3) ainda encontrar disposição para citar algum trecho que lhe agradou, só pro emprestador não ficar tão mal (eu também sempre leio os livros que ele me empresta/recomenda, mas dei mais sorte, porque até agora ele acertou em todas as sugestões). Um exemplo típico: a reação dele ao me devolver Communion, de Whitley Strieber, que me empolgara bastante na época em que foi lançado. Strieber era um escritor de sci-fi/horror de sucesso (é dele o romance The Hunger, adaptado no filme “Fome de Viver”, com David Bowie e Catherine Deneuve) quando resolveu mudar totalmente de direção literária e escrever relatos autobiográficos de seus encontros com seres alienígenas. Sua editora se recusou a publicar Communion, mas ele não desistiu, e o livro fez furor no final da década de 80. Eu o emprestei para o Enzo, e quando ele me devolveu (ah, tem esse detalhe também: ele devolve os livros emprestados), perguntei: “E aí, gostou?” E ele: “Gostei, sim.” Seguiu-se uma conversa animada sobre o livro, as passagens mais interessantes, etc., e aí eu perguntei, ou melhor, afirmei, como quem quer confirmação: “Mas então você acredita que ele se encontrou mesmo com extraterrestres.” E o Enzo (enfático): “Não! Só vou acreditar no dia que ele pegar um ET e esfregar na minha cara.” Esse é o Enzo.

Mas voltando ao item b): O  que começou como o esforço quixotesco de alguns poucos bravos passando de sala em sala e conclamando à ação os colegas, logo se espalhou pela escola como rastilho de pólvora. Visávamos a visibilidade e a polêmica, e para esse fim, usávamos táticas de impacto, por exemplo: estava acontecendo um ciclo de palestras com jornalistas famosões. Quando o convidado chegava e a palestra ia começar para uma sala cheia de ecanos, TODOS se levantavam, em silêncio, e iam embora. Os professores ficavam doidos.

Logo, o movimento começou a se expandir para além das fronteiras da ECA. Outras faculdades sentiam, também, que existia uma vontade de elitizar a USP (mais do que ela já era elitista) oferecendo cada vez menos opções de cursos noturnos e/ou de horário reduzido em favor de cursos de horário integral. Começaram a ser organizadas passeatas e piquetes com mais gente de outras unidades, o que ajudava a aumentar o vulto dessas manifestações. Numa delas, estávamos diante da reitoria, pedindo para falar com o reitor. A polícia militar mandou cavalarianos para conter as hordes assassinas, que gritavam palavras de ordem diante da barreira de gambés. Os cavalos, naturalmente, demonstravam certa inquietação com a gritaria, e aí ouvi alguém dando a perversa sugestão: “Vamos chegar mais perto.” Pois é, sempre tem alguém querendo ver o circo pegar fogo. A ideia era irritar os cavalos e provocar uma reação dos cavalarianos, que até aquele momento suportavam, impassíveis, os apupos.

Agora lembrei de um episódio que exemplifica o tipo de cabeças que formavam a cúpula da USP de então. Quem deliberava sobre a continuação ou extinção dos cursos era um órgão colegiado composto (supostamente) por representantes dos corpos docente e discente e também funcionários da universidade – o Conselho Universitário. Naturalmente, esse Conselho era mencionado a todo instante por todos e bastante citado nos canais oficiais de comunicação da universidade. Ora, qual a abreviação de Conselho Universitário, eu pergunto? Naaaaaão, não. Alguém teve a brilhante ideia de batizá-lo de CO. CO!!! Conselho Universitário, abreviação: CO! Acredite se quiser! Terá sido o mesmo gênio que sugeriu à Globo chamar o mafioso italiano Tommaso Buscetta, quando ele foi preso no Brasil e começou a ser mencionado todo dia nos telejornais, de Busqueta? Porque na pronúncia italiana o sobrenome do cara é Busheta, e na brasileira é Buceta mesmo. Caralho! Aquele puritanismo nos irritava tanto que fazíamos questão de só nos referir ao dito Conselho como CU (cê-ú), e naquele dia, na frente da reitoria, berrávamos a plenos pulmões: HU, HU, HU, PAU NA BUNDA DO CÊ-Ú! Que, além de redundante e duplamente obsceno, era bem engraçado.

Acabei indo embora antes do fim da manifestação, mas depois alguém me contou o que aconteceu. Lá pelas tantas, chegou o recado: o reitor receberia os manifestantes. TODOS eles! Os participantes pensaram: que atitude mais democrática, nem tudo está perdido. Nas palavras de quem me contou (realmente não lembro quem foi): “A gente entrou numa sala enorme com um monte de retratos de reitores nas paredes, cabia todo mundo lá, era uma coisa imensa mesmo. Daí mandaram a gente esperar pelo reitor ali. Depois de um bom tempo, caiu a ficha: eles simplesmente ‘guardaram’ a manifestação dentro da reitoria! Aposto que a função da sala enorme era essa mesmo! Bota todo mundo pra dentro, dá um belo chá de espera (não de cadeira, porque tava todo mundo de pé), e do lado de fora tudo fica normal, não tem manifestação nenhuma! Quando a gente se tocou que a intenção era essa, fomos embora.”

Uma vez, organizamos uma passeata que saiu do campus e marchou pelas ruas nos arredores da USP. Juntou-se a nós o então deputado Eduardo Suplicy. A presença dele deve ter atraído a mídia, e num dado momento passou ao nosso lado, no meio da manifestação, um carro de reportagem da Globo gravando imagens da passeata. Na hora alguém puxou um coro: “Fora Rede Globo! Globo não é povo!” Eu, muito sensatamente (ao menos me pareceu), lembrei aos manifestantes: “Gente, se vocês ficarem gritando isso, eles não vão mostrar a passeata, e não seria bom divulgar nossa luta na TV?” Pra quê! Na hora, a fúria anti-global dos filhotes de Che Guevara (que nem eram conhecidos meus) se voltou contra mim, e com olhares de ódio encarniçado (juro por Deus), eles começaram a gritar na minha cara: “Qual é?! Tá do lado deles?!” Tá bom, tá bom, não está mais aqui quem falou…

Bem, conseguimos salvar os cursos noturnos (ao menos na época) e foi um banho de cidadania e ação política para todos. Por alguns dias, nos sentimos na pele dos militantes de esquerda perseguidos pela ditadura (que na época ainda não haviam se tornado políticos profissionais) e que nós tanto admirávamos.

c) Finalmente a letra c. Alguém lembra o que eu estava enumerando? Caso não, as ações empreendidas por nós (meus contemporâneos) quando preenchemos o “vácuo de poder” estudantil na ECA, elegendo uma diretoria para o CALC (Centro Acadêmico Lupe Cotrim). O item c é o seguinte: ressuscitamos a Semana do Calouro, um ciclo de atividades culturais e trotes não-violentos para recepcionar e integrar a calourada, que, como mencionei no início da primeira parte deste relato, estava às moscas.

Essa Semana do Calouro já fora motivo de orgulho para os ecanos: a escola sempre teve postura contrária ao trote violento, só que o evento foi ficando desleixado, e quando minha turma entrou, da Semana só restavam a não-violência (pela total ausência de um trote) e a festa ao final dela. Quando decidimos revitalizá-la, os veteranos lembraram de um tipo de trote cultural que fazia muito sucesso, a aula-trote, uma aula fajuta para a calourada. A versão ecana dessa modalidade era uma palestra sobre cinema pornô com diretores, atores e atrizes do métier, que discursavam enquanto um monitor exibia um pornô nacional (escolhido a dedo entre os mais escabrosos), para horror dos CDFzinhos imberbes e japinhas pudicas de 16 anos que passavam de fato a vida a estudar e se esqueciam de estudar os fatos da vida (lembrem-se, crianças, isso foi muuuuuuuuito antes do surgimento da Internet – na época, o maior público da pornografia não eram os menores de 18 anos). Veteranos, alguns de idade e aparência bem convincentes, faziam o papel de diretores/atores/professores. No primeiro ano em que aplicamos esse trote, depois de nos divertirmos por um par de horas às custas da calourada, um veterano simplesmente levantou e disse: “Pessoal, isto foi um trote.” Ficou todo mundo com cara de bunda, foi um final bastante anticlimático. Percebemos, então, que seria muito mais legal não contar que era trote no final, deixar os calourinhos na sua doce ilusão e ver quanto tempo levariam para descobrir a verdade. Devo ter participado de uns dois ou três trotes desses. Seguem alguns dos melhores momentos:

Um dos veteranos que fazia o papel de diretor, o saudoso Jester (apelido), era um cara bem engraçado e uns dez anos mais velho que o resto da turma (espero não ter manchado sua ilustre memória se exagerei nessa estimativa), encardidaço mesmo. Ele havia participado da versão antiga do trote cultural e falava do cinema pornô com embasamento, seriamente, convencia muito interpretando um profissional do ramo. Os veteranos presentes na plateia ajudavam na farsa, fazendo perguntas para quebrar o gelo e incentivar a calourada a participar também, e em certos momentos mágicos, a coisa se tornava realidade, começavam debates inflamados sobre o assunto, mesmo entre veteranos, que até se esqueciam por instantes de que aquilo era faz-de-conta. Foi num momento assim que Dri Suri (veterana da nossa turma de Jornalismo, que estava na plateia) tomou a palavra para rebater as afirmações de Jester, que estava defendendo a existência de uma estética na sétima arte versão XXX, e afirmava que um filme pornô podia, sim, ser uma obra de arte. Jester estava de costas para o monitor, e a Dri, ao ouvir aquilo, disse, rindo muito: “Desculpa, Jester, mas vai me dizer que isso aí é arte?” Só então ele se virou e viu o que estava passando na tela: era uma cena de suruba bissexual, um cara estava comendo uma mulher de quatro, outro montou em cima deste, e um terceiro achou adequado pegar um espanador e enfiar no fiofó do que estava no alto da pilha. Ficou aquela bunda peluda enfeitada com um penacho, subindo e descendo. O “diretor” tentou manter a seriedade, mas saiu da personagem e caiu na gargalhada.

Outro grande momento de Jester no papel de diretor foi quando, pra deixar sua interpretação mais verossímil, ele virou para o monitor e, afetando familiaridade, disse displicentemente: “Esse aí é o Jaime.” Acontece que a imagem mostrava o “Jaime” comendo uma mulher na posição de frango assado, ou seja, o que aparecia dele era, pardon my French, só o cu e as bolas. Daí alguém da plateia (acho que foi até um calouro) perguntou: Peraí, como é que você consegue saber quem é? Ao que Jester, liso como sempre, retrucou: Não, é que eu lembro dessa cena em particular porque deu muito trabalho, ele não queria fazer… Ah, tá.

Teve um ano que, não sei por que cargas d’água, me convidaram pra fazer o papel de ator pornô no trote. Eu não queria, sou tímido, uma negação pra falar em público e um desastre como ator, mas me disseram: “Não tem problema, a gente diz que você é um ator pornô italiano convidado, que não fala português. Só fica sentado lá e faz cara de safado.” Topei e foi muito divertido. Apesar da minha participação ser bastante limitada, foi muito bom ficar encarando aquelas calourinhas inocentes, posando de lobo mau. A “atriz” convidada, Alessandra, uma morena muito linda (usei esse nome porque ela lembra muito a Alessandra Negrini), aluna do curso de Artes Cênicas, ganhou o sugestivo nome de guerra de Jessica Valo. A gente caprichava no figurino também: nossas atrizes pornô, mesmo à paisana, trajavam-se como as romantizadas hookers que vemos na maioria dos filmes e séries dos EUA. Nesse quesito o realismo importava menos do que titilar a imaginação e os sentidos dos calourinhos inocentes.

Como eu disse, não revelávamos mais aos calouros que se tratava de um trote, e meses depois, já amigo dos novatos, adorei quando eles me contaram que ficaram chocados ao ver, na festa de recepção aos calouros que acontecia na sexta-feira, os “atores” e “atrizes” convidados no meio dos alunos, conversando com todos. Como na Semana do Calouro não tinha aula, eles só nos viram de novo na festa, e comentavam uns com os outros: “Olha lá, é aquele ator pornô da palestra! O que o cara tá fazendo aqui? Agora ele vai ficar frequentando a escola? Que folgado!”

Por falar em festas, nós as organizávamos também. Lembro que uma vez passei uma tarde inteira com alguns amigos preparando fitas (sim, fitas cassete) com músicas escolhidas a dedo. Deu um trabalho puto, mas quando pusemos pra tocar, com a festa já lotada, a pista de dança continuou… vazia. Alguns amigos se prontificaram a ficar pulando feito pererecas ao som de nossa seleção de excelente gosto (Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, David Bowie, The Cure, Style Council, tudo o que venerávamos na época), mas a isca não surtiu efeito. Tentamos isso algumas vezes, sempre sem êxito, e quando a festa estava a ponto de solar, invariavelmente aparecia o Serginho, self-made DJ, dizendo: “Tenho aqui com uma fita que acabei de receber, é um som que bombou nas danceterias de Nova York semana passada, vocês não querem tentar pôr?” Pensávamos: “Tá, ninguém quer dançar as nossas músicas, que todo mundo conhece e gosta, e esse cara acha que vai salvar a festa com essas novidades dele que ninguém nunca ouviu!” O pior é que depois de vários pedidos insistentes do cara, já desesperados, acabávamos cedendo, ele punha a tal fita no tape deck e… milagre: a pista enchia na hora, as pessoas se acotovelavam, dançavam até cair. Não era possível, ele devia combinar aquilo com a galera só pra derrubar a gente.

Depois, havia o problema inverso: quando já era alta madrugada e a gente queria encerrar a festa e meia dúzia de teimosos, mamadaços, insistiam em ficar chacoalhando o esqueleto. Pra isso havia um remédio infalível (também ideia do irritantemente brilhante DJ Serginho): Jamelão. Mais precisamente, Jamelão cantando “Ela disse-me assim”, de Lupicínio Rodrigues:

Ela disse-me assim/Tenha pena de mim/Vá embora

Vais me prejudicar/Ele pode chegar/Está na hora

Era só repetir esse hino da fossa algumas vezes que todo mundo vazava. Essa melodia ficará para sempre associada, na minha memória, a fins de noite melancólicos, quando eu ajudava a encerrar as atividades e ia esperar, zonzo de sono e de excessos, o primeiro ônibus, na contramão das pessoas “normais” que iam para o trabalho.

Acho que hoje a universidade perdeu essa atmosfera de gueto cultural, de foro de novas experiências e descobertas. Nesta era do excesso de informação, está aí, à disposição de todos, tudo o que na época era exclusividade do nosso reduto para poucos privilegiados. As redes sociais permitem polinizar outros que têm nossos interesses e afinidades, mesmo a distância, sem a necessidade do ateneu como catalisador.

Posso ser tachado de nostálgico, mas acho que tudo ficou mais banal.

Ah, sim: ao lado da entrada da biblioteca havia um balcão alto de aço inox, que um velho ambulante usava durante o dia para expor as guloseimas que trazia em seu carrinho. No fim da tarde ele ia embora, e ao escurecer, nós, criaturas da noite, íamos chegando antes das aulas e gravitando para esse balcão, onde sentávamos para conversar, discutir, namorar, conviver, viver. Era perfeito, acomodava até umas 15 pessoas e dava pra sentar e balançar as pernas. Esse pedaço da topografia ecana (que nem sei se ainda existe) foi testemunha das dores e alegrias de gerações de alunos da escola por onde passaram, só para citar os hoje mais famosos, Soninha Francine, William Bonner (que antes de ser globalizado atendia por William Bonemer Jr.), Marcelo Rubens Paiva, Regina Volpato, Paulo Ricardo, José Roberto Torero e muitos outros.

E como o tal balcão servia de apoio para os doces do velho durante o dia e para os nossos traseiros à noite, alguém, que jamais vou saber quem é, mas que obviamente é um gênio, resolveu batizá-lo de CU DOCE.

O Cu Doce em seu melhor uso.


Saudade do Cu Doce – Parte 1

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(Os nomes foram trocados para proteger os inocentes.)

Dedicado postumamente ao inesquecível Cafa, aqui rebatizado como Jester (Hein…? Hein…? Cafa… Jester. Ele apreciaria o chiste… espero).

cudoce11Eu cursei a Escola de Comunicações e Artes da USP de 1987 a… bem, fui largando matérias pelo caminho, até que a universidade se tornou um lugar para ver meus amigos e experimentar novas formas de convivência social, trabalho, lazer, relacionamentos, tudo, menos estudo. A escolha do curso de Jornalismo, que me parecera tão óbvia ao tentar o vestibular pela terceira vez (o único vestibular que fiz foi a FUVEST; para mim, a USP sendo gratuita, era a única universidade que me interessava, pois eu não me imaginava em condições de pagar por educação superior), revelou não ser a ideal.

A propósito do vestibular, na primeira tentativa, logo na primeira fase, fiquei abaixo da nota de corte para o curso pretendido (Comunicação Social, que na época englobava o curso de Jornalismo). Na segunda, prestei para Filosofia (nota de corte bem menor) e passei na primeira fase! Estudei loucamente nas poucas semanas até as provas da segunda fase e… bombei, e logo por causa de redação, eu, um aspirante a escritor/jornalista! Cometi, por ignorância, o erro mais imperdoável numa prova de redação: fugir do tema. Levei nota 2.0. Na terceira vez, resolvi investir meu tempo e meu suado dinheirinho num cursinho semi-intensivo (uns 4 meses de aulas) no Objetivo. O esforço deu resultado: passei no curso de Jornalismo, que agora era uma carreira em separado no vestibular, e cuja nota de corte havia subido! É verdade que passei raspando; tirei 0,6 em Matemática e fui o penúltimo da lista. Mas o importante é que entrei! Ah, e com nota 9,0 em redação 😀

Eu tinha ouvido histórias de terror sobre os temíveis trotes e humilhações a que eram submetidos os calouros… quanto mais difícil o curso, mais selvagem e brutal o trote… mas descobri, para meu grande alívio, que a ECA tinha uma postura histórica contrária aos trotes violentos. No primeiro dia de aula, uma promessa instigante: os calouros assistiriam ao filme Je Vous Salue Marie, de Jean-Luc Godard, uma sensação polêmica na época, porque retratava Cristo na atualidade, como filho de um taxista e uma prostituta. Lembrem-se, crianças, isso foi antes do surgimento da Web e da ubiquidade da informação. O próprio videocassete mal começava a dar as caras. O filme em questão chegara a entrar em cartaz, mas fora proibido pelo então alcaide da cidade de São Paulo, o falecido Jânio Quadros. Portanto, seria uma grande transgressão e aventura ver o filme maldito e proibido logo no primeiro dia de aula (na primeira semana de aulas, sabe-se lá por que, nenhum professor se apresentava para lecionar).

Fui chegando e seguindo a turma de incautos calouros que se dirigiam para a sala-anfiteatro onde aconteciam as Aulas Magnas (aulas do curso básico que eram ministradas a vários cursos ao mesmo tempo, por isso numa sala maior). Chegando lá, o que vimos foi um grupo de veteranos (ou seres extraterrestres, talvez de outras unidades da USP) fazendo baderna. Nada de filme. Uma moçoila exibia os peitos rebolando sobre uma mesa (eu veria essa figura fazendo topless em vários outros lugares da USP nos anos seguintes). Um ser punkiforme de cabelo raspado e óculos fundo de garrafa (outra figurinha carimbada que eu veria muitas outras vezes) gritava frases desconexas tenuemente ligadas ao que nos trazia ali (o filme de Godard). Seria aquilo o tal trote não-violento? Confesso que fiquei tão decepcionado que cheguei a desejar um trote mais convencional, com corte de cabelo e tudo.

Passada a desilusão inicial, começou a fase das experiências e descobertas. Foram tantas…

Meu amigo Enzo me apresentando às novidades musicais americanas e europeias (outra coisa de difícil acesso naqueles tempos sem Internet): ele me mostrou uma pasta com xerox de artigos de jornais e revistas sobre grupos como Joy Division e Smiths, que teriam sido trazidos da Europa pelo lendário Pepe Escobar, crítico musical da época que ia para lá e contrabandeava para o Brasil o que de mais novo havia na cena musical londrina…

Acordar na maior rebordosa no apê desse mesmo Enzo (ele morava pertinho da USP com um colega, sua família era de Piedade, interior de São Paulo, então era o lugar natural para desabar ao sair de uma das muitas festas de sexta-feira), quase meio-dia de sábado, ao som de Georgia Satellites ou Lloyd Cole & The Commotions em vinil, na vitrolinha que tocava no chão da sala despojada da morada minimalista… e surreal: da janela se via uma obra próxima, cujos pedreiros usavam despreocupadamente um banheiro ainda em construção, sem paredes e sem teto. Você acordava, ia dar bom dia ao sol e dava de cara com um nego peladão fazendo força no vaso ou se ensaboando no chuveiro. Aí saíamos pela Vital Brasil à procura de um frango de padoca, direto da televisão-de-cachorro para nossas esfaimadas (e laricosas) mandíbulas. Aquele era o nosso café da manhã. Ah, bons tempos… aquela vida inconsequente, como diria meu grande amigo Aderbal (o da banca de jornal)… éramos jovens, o mundo era nosso e tínhamos todo o futuro pela frente…

A reabilitação do centro acadêmico da ECA é uma empreitada coletiva da minha época que ainda acho digna de suscitar orgulho. A ECA era uma escola tradicionalmente “desencanada” em matéria de atividades sociais institucionalizadas (por isso a indigência do “trote”, ou melhor, da recepção aos calouros). O que nossa turma fez foi:

a) Eleger uma diretoria para o centro acadêmico – numa eleição de chapa única, é verdade, mas o referendo era importante para legitimar a gestão do nosso “líder” acidental, Ronaldo (sósia do ator e diretor britânico Kenneth Branagh que depois iria fazer carreira na BBC Brasil, em Londres).

b) De cara, enfrentar uma missão cabeluda: mobilizar a USP toda em defesa dos cursos noturnos, ameaçados de extinção pela reitoria aburguesada e elitizante (olha o espírito do universitário politizado se manifestando, hehe). Essa mobilização foi triunfante e memorável. Começamos com uma participação maciça e intensa de todos os alunos da ECA, não só do período noturno. Lembro de uma assembleia da qual participaram centenas de alunos; éramos tão delirantemente democráticos que achávamos possível decidir tudo numa reunião daquele tamanho, dando voz igual a todos; tinha que virar bagunça. No meio da gritaria, “naturalmente”, “organicamente”, montou-se um palanque ao qual um grupo subiu, alguém providenciou um microfone e equipamento de som… foi muito legal presenciar a liderança e a hierarquia política surgindo ali, como em qualquer aglomeração humana. Só que a gritaria e a discórdia continuavam, todos queriam ser ouvidos, ninguém se entendia, e eis que a Virginie, um fiapo de fadinha loirinha que andava com pedras no bolso pro vento não levá-la, filha de franceses, e que estava vivendo uma anacrônica fase flower power (sabe a Phoebe do seriado Friends? Tal e qual), pediu a palavra para dizer o seguinte: “Gente, eu acho que os ânimos estão muito exaltados, então proponho uma sessão de alongamento pra gente relaxar…”



Okay, acho que consegui organizar as ideias. Só que enveredei por uma tangente de cunho filosófico-religioso e fugi totalmente do assunto. Acho que vai ter a parte 3…

Cínicos, estetas e virtuosos. Cada categoria com sua visão distinta e diferente da realidade e da condição humana. Vou confessar uma coisa: eu não tenho nenhuma paciência para a pretensa superioridade intelectual de alguns (quase todos) cínicos/hedonistas/materialistas. O modo como a fé alheia parece ofender certos (quase todos) ateus, como se sua inteligência fosse insultada pelo fato de que alguém pode acreditar em algo sem pedir provas, sinceramente me dá nos nervos. O pensamento científico materialista criou uma equivocada equivalência que quer estabelecer uma relação causal entre a falta de fé religiosa ou mística e a inteligência ou racionalidade.

Uma vez, numa aula de Filosofia da Comunicação (na verdade, um curso básico de filosofia incluído nas disciplinas da ECA-USP – o aposto “da comunicação” era apenas uma tentativa de justificar a existência da matéria numa faculdade de Comunicações), quando o professor Aluísio (certamente um materialista histórico e ateu) estava explicando que toda comunicação pressupunha a existência de um emissor, uma mensagem e um receptor, fiz uma pergunta com a clara intenção de provocá-lo: “E no caso de uma comunicação mediúnica? Quem seria o emissor da mensagem?” Eu esperava ser espinafrado pela intervenção inoportuna, ou então ouvir um longo discurso sobre a irrelevância das manifestações religiosas para qualquer cientista digno do pão que comia, por isso me surpreendi com a elegância da resposta do professor: “Na verdade, não posso responder isso, porque envolve uma questão de fé, e diante de questões de fé, a ciência se cala.” Eu esperava uma manifestação de arrogância, não uma resposta respeitosa. Além de surpresa, senti também uma grande admiração pelo sisudo mestre. Que, aliás, já morreu, portanto saberia agora me responder.

Na verdade, os materialistas são como os peixes, morrem pela boca no exato momento em que apresentam seu exausto (e único) argumento: a falta de provas da existência de Deus, de um plano espiritual, etc. Porque esse argumento é, na verdade, um pedido, e qualquer ateu deveria ter especial consciência de quão ridículo é, para ele, pedir que Deus lhe prove Sua existência. E não apenas por se ver na situação de fazer um apelo ao nada; ainda que o ateu em questão se dispusesse a supor, hipoteticamente, que Deus existisse e Lhe pedisse uma prova, a ausência de qualquer prova, portanto de resposta, poderia ser traduzida da seguinte forma: “A esmagadora maioria da humanidade acredita de forma inata na existência de um ser ou de uma inteligência superior, mesmo na falta de qualquer prova. Portanto, Meu sistema parece estar dando certo. E em time que está ganhando não se mexe. Além disso, por que Eu deveria Me dar ao trabalho de dedicar especial atenção justamente a uma minoria que teima em duvidar da Minha existência? Vai te catar!”

Eu disse que esse era o único argumento dos ateus, mas acabo de me lembrar de mais um, a saber: Ah, mas as mortes, a guerra, as doenças, etc. Vou preguiçosamente reproduzir, como resposta, o texto de um folheto de alguma igreja, nem sei qual e tampouco importa, que encontrei milagrosamente grudado na parede da minha sala de estar (garanto que eu não tinha esse folheto em casa) depois que uma enchente destruiu boa parte das riquezas que eu havia acumulado durante quase toda a minha vida, intitulado “Deus Existe”:

Um homem foi ao barbeiro cortar o cabelo, como sempre fazia. Ele começou a conversar com o barbeiro, e eles conversaram sobre vários assuntos.

Conversa vai, conversa vem, começaram a falar de Deus. O barbeiro disse: “Eu não acredito que Deus exista como você diz.”

“Por que você diz isso?” O cliente perguntou. “Bem, é muito simples. Você só precisa sair na rua para ver que Deus não existe. Se Deus existisse, você acha que existiriam tantas pessoas doentes? Existiriam crianças abandonadas? Se Deus existisse, não haveria dor ou sofrimento. Eu não consigo imaginar um Deus que permita todas essas coisas.”

O cliente pensou por um momento, mas não quis responder para evitar uma discussão. O barbeiro terminou o trabalho e o cliente saiu.

Naquele momento, o cliente viu um homem na rua com barba e cabelos longos. Parecia que não cortava o cabelo nem fazia a barba havia muito tempo, estava sujo e descabelado. Então o cliente voltou para a barbearia e disse ao barbeiro: “Sabe de uma coisa? Barbeiros não existem.”

O tio vai revelar uma coisa pra vocês, crianças: não acreditar em Deus não é chique. Não está na moda. Não é sinal de inteligência. Não caracteriza ninguém como mais forte, mais valente, mais realista, mais dono de si, mais pé no chão. Não é nem polêmico. Na verdade, acho que é um sinal claro de preguiça mental. E de insensibilidade também. O fato de existirem pastores charlatães ou sujeira debaixo do tapete da Santa Madre Igreja tampouco invalida a existência de Deus. Sinceridade? Os ateus são patéticos. O rótulo é ridículo. O ativismo ateísta, mais ridículo ainda. Nos EUA, associações de ateus lutam na justiça para que o Natal deixe de ser feriado nacional e para que não haja nenhuma menção a Deus em juramentos oficiais ou nas notas de dólar. Isso faz tanto sentido quanto embarcar numa cruzada sangrenta para proibir os jornais de publicarem horóscopos e renomear as constelações só porque você não acredita no zodíaco. Eles têm até uma revista, a American Atheist. Olha o tamanho da babaquice: uma revista dedicada a discutir algo que não existe, dirigida a leitores que não acreditam em algo!

Se eu fosse ateu, rejeitaria o rótulo. Aliás, se eu fosse ateu, acho que acreditaria em Deus só pra me garantir. Ninguém deveria dizer: “Eu sou ateu.” Esse termo contém o reconhecimento da divindade (“Theos” em grego) como entidade, e uma clara manifestação de oposição a ela; ou seja, reconhece a existência daquilo que não deveria existir, um Ser onipotente, e se manifesta contra Ele. Uma dupla burrice. Se Deus não existe, você não perde nada por acreditar nEle; pelo contrário, os efeitos benéficos da fé já foram amplamente comprovados, inclusive pela mais laica e materialista das ciências, a medicina. Por outro lado, se Deus existe, você fica muito melhor na fita se pelo menos acreditar nEle. Ou vai querer correr o risco de ofendê-Lo, duvidando da Sua existência, e ter que se explicar depois? Portanto, ateus, deixem de ser burros, acreditem em Deus.

A propósito: em 1995, aos 76 anos de idade, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, fundadora da associação American Atheists, que publica a revista que mencionei, foi sequestrada, junto com seu filho Jon e sua neta Robin, por David Roland Waters, ex-funcionário da associação. David e um cúmplice obrigaram os três a sacarem dinheiro de suas contas e gastaram fortunas usando os cartões de crédito das vítimas. Depois de meses sem notícias, eles foram declarados mortos e o assassino acabou preso e confessou o crime. Em 2001, ele disse à polícia que os três estavam enterrados num rancho no Texas. A polícia descobriu que os cadáveres haviam sido cortados em dezenas de pedaços com um serrote. E o capeta? Será que ele existe?